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SCG Kaldheim Championship Qualifier – Historic Decklists and Metagame

Kaldheim Championship Qualifiers are invitation-only events organized by Star City Games. Best-perfoming players advance to Kaldheim Qualifier Weekends and eventual Kaldheim Championship. 279 players have participated in the most recent SCG event that took place over the weekend – it showcased the Historic format, recently renewed with Kaladesh Remastered release.

On this page, we’ve collected top 32 decks of the tournament, as well provided event’s metagame breakdown.


Despite the obvious power level of Kaladesh Remastered staples – like Aetherworks Marvel or Chandra, Torch of Defiance – none of those cards actually were strong enough to give birth to new prominent decks that would shake up this tournament’s meta. Four-Color/Sultai Midrange is still the main driving force, with only a few of Kaladesh cards included here and there as optional slots – it’s the power of Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath that still keeps it going.

Check out the stats breakdown for the weekend (Source):

Archetype# of Decks% of the FieldWinrate %
Sultai Midrange6523.4657%44.2308%
Mono-Red Goblins5118.4116%51.1719%
Jund Sacrifice259.0253%56.391%
Rakdos Sacrifice176.1372%48.7805%
Four-color Control134.6931%61.8421%
Azorius Auras93.2491%60%
Mardu Vehicles72.5271%45.7143%
Rakdos Arcanist72.5271%30.7692%
Gruul Aggro72.5271%58.5366%
Colorless Ramp72.5271%40.625%
Azorius Control72.5271%60%


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