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Majestic Metamorphosis Art by Ben Hill

Combos and Synergies in Streets of New Capenna Draft

Finally, the Streets of New Capenna are starting to feel old. Ah yes, there’s turn 2 Civil Servant into turn 3 Gathering Throng stealing that child’s lunch money. Oh, and if you look closely towards the city square, you can see a turn 3 Jewel Thief arguing with that Angelic Overseer about who is the most pushed common!

Oh yes, the streets are filled with groans, but have no fear! I am here to show you the most powerful magical combinations! As usual, I will keep these synergies limited to commons and uncommons (sorry rares) to keep it realistic and attainable.

Graveyard Shift + Dusk Mangler

By itself, Graveyard Shift is pretty bad, but Dusk Mangler is certainly the card you want to play with it. This fits nicely into Obscura, being able to connive the Mangler into your graveyard, and potentially even sculpt the 5 different mana cost flash mode. Trust me, flashing in a Dusk Mangler is brutal.

Faerie Vandal + Hypnotic Grifter

Faerie Vandal has been a house this set. There is so much draw between connive and blitz that this thing can grow fast! One of the best natural lines is turn 1 Hypnotic Grifter into turn 2 Faerie Vandal, turn 3 connive. It just feels right. The next best thing is combining Faerie Vandal with Metropolis Angel, as long as the Vandal has a counter to start, of course.

Metropolis Angel + Exotic Pets

There’s lots of good stuff for this Angel, but one of the more annoying combinations are these cute little fish! Obviously, you need a counter to put on one of them, but attacking with unblockable creatures that draw you an additional card each turn seems good to me.

Pyre-Sledge Arsonist + Venom Connoisseur

Any time I see a pinger, I’m looking for the deathtouch enabler. Venom Connoisseur is the only thing in the streets that can give a friend deathtouch so that will have to do! You have to jump through some hoops to make this work, but when it works it can be very powerful!

Illuminator Virtuoso + Majestic Metamorphosis

Illuminator Virtuoso can be good with a lot of things, including Security Bypass (more on that later). But the reason I choose Majestic Metamorphosis, is the speed at which you can kill your opponent. You can hit them for 10 in the air out of nowhere, or the elusive turn 4 kill playing back to back metamorphosis on your turn 2 Virtuoso.

Citizen’s Crowbar + Majestic Metamorphosis

This is a pretty Niche scenario, but I did want to highlight that Majestic Metamorphosis does change your target to an artifact. What do we do to artifacts? We throw crowbars at them! Another niche use of Majestic Metamorphosis is to target your opponents equipment during combat, to shrink their creatures, another niche circumstance.

Security Bypass + Disciplined Duelist

Disciplined Duelist is very annoying. Giving him Security Bypass puts an extremely fast clock on your opponent, and the Duelist even has a shield counter. Another favorite card to pair with the bypass is the Snooping Newsie. Using the connive ability, you are able to assemble the 5 rings (mana values) in your graveyard more easily to have a huge unblockable lifelinker!

Corrupt Court Official + Fake Your Own Death

There’s a ton you can do when you want to Fake Your Own Death, but one of the most common instances I’ve found is pairing it with the dirty judge. It will let you trade up on a block or an attack, make your opponent discard a card, and even gives you a treasure – what a country!

Cormela, Glamour Thief + Dig Up the Body

This is extremely annoying to play against, which means it’s very good. One should note, that if you cast Dig Up the Body, using Cormela as the casualty, you cannot target Dig Up the Body to return to your hand. Instead you can just return Cormela to hand and get back Dig Up the Body the next time she “dies of natural causes”.

Jetmir’s Fixer + Sticky Fingers

I feel like this one’s kind of a meme, but I would be lying if I said I haven’t lost to it. The Fixer gets out of range of small burn spells extremely fast, leaving you with very few options. Obviously if it gets bounced – well, we don’t talk about if it gets bounced.

Stimulus Package + Elegant Entourage

Stimulus Package is a bad card, so try your best not to play it, but it does have some cool uses for sure. Instant speed creatures can work very well with some of the Alliance cards. The combination of these two cards can potentially make combat impossible!

Involuntary Employment + Body Dropper

I mean, there’s tons of ways to treat your new employees in this set between all of the casualty spells. So aside from them, I’ve found the most reliable manager to your new employee in the Body Dropper. Don’t let the name fool you, he has lots of hands-on experience and he’s great with kids!

Bonus points if you put your Cement Shoes on your new employee, but I can’t condone anyone putting Cement Shoes in their deck.

End Step

There’s still tons to learn on the streets, and I’m sure I missed lots of great synergies! What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the Discord community!

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