Meeting of the Five Art by Dominik Mayer

Streets of New Capenna (SNC) Limited Tier List

MTG Arena Zone’s Streets of New Capenna (SNC) Limited Tier List ranks every card in the set, to provide a guideline you can use to pick cards for your draft deck or to build your sealed deck. The limited set reviews provide context to the ratings, and full written updates will be noted in the changelog. Make sure to bookmark this page to come back to later!

MTG Arena Zone’s Streets of New Capenna (SNC) Limited Tier Lists rank every in the set, to provide a guideline you can use to pick cards for your draft deck or to build your sealed deck. The initial ratings are based on our limited set reviews, which provide additional context. After the set is released, full written updates will be noted in the changelog below. You can also search the table and sort each column for your convenience. Make sure to bookmark this page to come back to later!
Angelic ObserverU1.5All-Seeing ArbiterM4.5Angel of SufferingM3.0AntagonizeC2.0Attended SocialiteC2.0Aven HeartstabberR2.5Arc SpitterU1.0Botanical PlazaC3.0
Backup AgentC2.5Backstreet BruiserC2.0Body LaundererM4.0Arcane BombardmentM2.0Bootleggers' StashM0.5Black Market TycoonR2.5Brass KnucklesU2.0Brokers HideoutC2.5
Ballroom BrawlersU3.5Brokers VeteranC2.0Cemetery TamperingR0.0Big ScoreC2.0Bouncer's BeatdownU3.0Body DropperC3.0Cement ShoesU1.5Cabaretti CourtyardC2.5
Boon of SafetyC2.0Case the JointC1.5Corrupt Court OfficialC2.5Call In a ProfessionalU3.5Broken WingsC2.0Brazen UpstartU2.5Chrome CatC2.0Jetmir's GardenR3.0
Brokers InitiateC2.0Cut Your LossesR1.0Crooked CustodianC2.0Daring EscapeC1.0Cabaretti InitiateC2.0Brokers AscendancyR4.5Getaway CarR2.5Maestros TheaterC2.5
Buy Your SilenceC2.0Disdainful StrokeC2.0Cut of the ProfitsR1.5Devilish ValetR2.5Caldaia StrongarmC2.5Brokers CharmU3.5Gilded PinionsC2.0Obscura StorefrontC2.5
Celebrity FencerC2.0Echo InspectorC3.5Cutthroat ContenderC1.5Exhibition MagicianC2.5Capenna ExpressC2.0Cabaretti AscendencyR2.0Halo ScarabC2.0Racers' RingC3.0
Citizen's CrowbarU3.5Errant, Street ArtistR1.0Deal Gone BadC2.5Glittering StockpileU1.5Civic GardenerC2.0Cabaretti CharmU2.5Luxior, Giada's GiftM0.0Raffine's TowerR2.5
Dapper ShieldmateC2.0Even the ScoreM2.0Demon's DueC1.5GoldhoundC2.0Cleanup CrewU3.5Celestial RegulatorC3.0Ominous ParcelC2.0Riveteers OverlookC2.5
DepopulateR4.0Expendable LackeyC2.5Dig Up the BodyC2.5Hoard HaulerR2.0Courier's BriefcaseU2.5Ceremonial GroundbreakerU3.0Paragon of ModernityC2.0Skybridge TowersC3.0
Elspeth ResplendentM4.5Faerie VandalU3.0Dusk ManglerU3.5Involuntary EmploymentU2.5Elegant EntourageU4.0Civil ServantC3.5Quick-Draw DaggerC2.5Spara's HeadquartersR3.0
Extraction SpecialistR3.5Hypnotic GrifterU3.0Extract the TruthC2.0JackhammerC1.5Evolving DoorR1.0Cormela, Glamour ThiefU2.5Scuttling ButlerU2.5Tramway StationC3.0
Gathering ThrongC3.0Ledger ShredderR4.0Fake Your Own DeathC2.5Jaxis, the TroublemakerR4.0Fight RiggingR4.0Corpse AppraiserU4.0Suspicious BookcaseU1.5Waterfront DistrictC3.0
Giada, Font of HopeR3.5A Little ChatU2.5Girder GoonsC3.5Light 'Em UpC2.0For the FamilyC2.5Corpse ExplosionR3.5Unlicensed HearseR3.5Xander's LoungeR3.0
Halo FountainM4.0Majestic MetamorphosisC2.5Graveyard ShiftU2.0Mayhem PatrolC2.5Freelance MuscleU2.5Crew CaptainU2.0Ziatora's Proving GroundR3.0
Hold for RansomC2.5Make DisappearC3.0Grisly SigilU3.5Plasma JockeyC2.5Gala GreetersR4.0Darling of the MassesU3.5
Illuminator VirtuosoU3.5Obscura InitiateC2.0Illicit ShipmentU1.5Professional Face-BreakerR4.0GlittermongerC2.0Disciplined DuelistU4.0
Inspiring OverseerC4.0An Offer You Can't RefuseU1.0IncriminateC1.5Pugnacious PugilistU3.5High-Rise SawjackC2.0Endless DetourR3.0
Kill ShotC2.0Out of the WayU3.0Join the MaestrosC1.5Pyre-Sledge ArsonistU2.0Jewel ThiefC3.5Evelyn, the CovetousR3.5
Knockout BlowU2.5Psionic SnoopC1.5Maestros InitiateC2.0Ready to RumbleC2.0Luxurious LibationU3.5Exotic PetsU3.5
Mage's AttendantU3.5Psychic PickpocketU4.0Midnight AssassinC2.0Riveteers InitiateC2.0Most WantedC1.5Falco Spara, PactweaverM4.0
Mysterious LimousineR3.5Public EnemyU1.0MurderC3.0Riveteers RequisitionerU3.0PrizefightC2.5Fatal GrudgeU1.5
Patch UpU1.5Reservoir KrakenR4.0Night ClubberU4.0Sizzling SoloistU2.5Rhox PummelerC2.0Fleetfoot DancerR4.0
Rabble RousingR4.5Rooftop NuisanceC2.5Raffine's SilencerU3.0Sticky FingersC2.0Riveteers DecoyU2.5Forge BossU2.5
Raffine's GuidanceC1.5Run Out of TownC2.5Revel RuinerC2.0StrangleC3.0Social ClimberC2.0Glamorous OutlawC3.0
Raffine's InformantC3.0Security BypassC2.0Rogues' GalleryU2.5Structural AssaultR1.5Take to the StreetsU2.0Hostile TakeoverR4.5
Refuse to YieldU2.0Sewer CrocodileC2.0Sanguine SpyR3.0Torch BreathU3.0Titan of IndustryM5.0Incandescent AriaR3.0
Revelation of PowerC2.0Sleep with the FishesU4.0Shadow of MortalityR1.5Unlucky WitnessU2.5Topiary StomperR2.5Jetmir, Nexus of RevelsM4.0
Rumor GathererU2.0Slip Out the BackU2.0Shakedown HeavyR4.0Urabrask, Heretic PraetorM4.0Venom ConnoisseurU2.0Jetmir's FixerC2.5
Sanctuary WardenM5.0Undercover OperativeR3.5Tavern SwindlerU1.5Widespread ThievingR1.0Vivien on the HuntM4.5Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's SecondR4.0
Sky CrierC2.5Wingshield AgentU3.0Tenacious UnderdogR3.5Witty RoastmasterC2.0Voice of the VerminU2.5Lagrella, the MagpieR4.0
Speakeasy ServerC2.0WiretappingR2.0Vampire ScrivenerU2.0Wrecking CrewC2.0Warm WelcomeC2.0Lord Xander, the CollectorM3.0
Swooping ProtectorU2.5Witness ProtectionC2.0WhackU3.0Workshop WarchiefR4.5Maestros AscendancyR1.5
Maestros CharmU3.5
Maestros DiabolistR4.0
Masked BanditsC2.5
Meeting of the FiveM0.0
Metropolis AngelU2.5
Mr. Orfeo, the BoulderU2.0
Nimble LarcenistU2.0
Ob Nixilis, the AdversaryM4.0
Obscura AscendancyR2.0
Obscura CharmU2.5
Obscura InterceptorR4.0
Ognis, the Dragon's LashR2.0
Park Heights PegasusR3.0
Queza, Augur of AgoniesU3.5
Raffine, Scheming SeerM4.5
Rakish RevelersC2.5
Rigo, Streetwise MentorR4.0
Riveteers AscendancyR1.5
Riveteers CharmU2.5
Rocco, Cabaretti CatererU3.5
Scheming FenceR3.0
Security RhoxU2.0
Shattered SeraphC2.5
Snooping NewsieC2.5
Soul of EmancipationR4.0
Spara's AdjudicatorsC3.0
Stimulus PackageU2.0
Syndicate InfiltratorU3.0
Tainted IndulgenceU2.0
Toluz, Clever ConductorR3.0
Unleash the InfernoR3.0
Void RendR3.0
Ziatora, the IncineratorM4.5
Ziatora's EnvoyR4.0



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