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Commander and Companion Support for Decklists and Import Button Update

Thanks to the team at Streamdecker, we have great news for everyone!

Commander and Companion Support

All decks will now be supporting Commanders and Companions correctly. They will now be visible on the decklist itself, as well as when you import it to MTG Arena. You will no longer have to set them manually in-game. See example below:

[sd_deck deck=”fkMVW0vWq”]

This will apply recent decks that have been added and all future ones. Some decks may be retroactively updated.

MTG Arena Import Button Update

All decks with Historic Anthology 3 cards should now also show the MTG Arena Import button. The button will now remain on there with new set release (since MTG Arena does not require set or the collector’s number in the export string). See example below:

[sd_deck deck=”_fnNOwqcM”]

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