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Daily Deals May 11, 2021

Daily Deals May 11, 2021: Triome Card Styles and Free Gold

Today’s Daily Deals offers a free Gold boost (STONKS!!), given you have enough currency to purchase it. Using gold is going to give you more value as Gems are harder to come by, but you also have the option of converting some Gems to gold if you like.

The triomes are heavily played in any three-color archetype of the appropriate color and even many two-color decks that prefer the option to cycle over the scry offered by the temples such as Temple of Malice. These Daily Deals always offer a better price than buying the card styles through the deck editor so make sure you jump on them now if you have the chance.

Starting today, we’re going to be posting a showcase of the day’s deals regularly here on MTGA Zone, so be sure to check back tomorrow for up-to-date information.

ItemPrice (Gems)Price (Gold)Discount
Savai Triome3001,50050%
Ketria Triome3001,50050%
Indatha Triome3001,50050%
Raugrin Triome3001,50050%
Zagoth Triome3001,50050%
550 Gold1050

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