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Deck of the Day – Selesnya Adventures Proliferate by crokeyz

For today’s deck of the day, we share crokeyz’s version of Selesnya Adventures that he has been streaming with great success in the Mythic rankings – with some twists! You can follow crokeyz’s stream on Twitch and Twitter where he often comes up with interesting original brews.

[sd_deck deck=”EK51We-N”]

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Selesnya Adventures is a deck that goes fast and wide, with the help of Edgewall Innkeeper’s card drawing engine. The latest versions of this deck have started to include Huatli's Raptor to help beef up your tokens via the proliferate mechanic and quickly get your creatures out of range of cards like Deafening Clarion.

Stonecoil Serpent is a tricky creature to deal with for opponents, works well with Proliferate and is flexible to come down early to pressure your opponent or late game when you can use your excess mana to make it big.

Each day we will feature a deck that are either user submitted from the community or really interesting ones we scoured from other sources. If you would like your deck to be showcased here, you can do so via any of the three ways:

  • Use the Submit Deck page – the more detailed the description, the better!
  • Come to our Discord and message us
  • Ping us on Twitter with your deck

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