Orzhov Clerics – Standard Artisan

Orzhov Clerics – Standard Artisan


Orzhov Clerics - Artisan FNM Deck by Drifter

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If you’re looking for the outdated pre-rotation version of the lifegain deck, say if you’re building a Historic Artisan deck, check it out here!


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  1. alexhong96 alexhong96 says:

    I cut the Blight-Priest and Relic Vial synergy to make room for 1-drops, namely Alseid of Life’s Bounty and Soulmender. Getting life triggers on the opponent’s turn turned out to be powerful. Weak deck compared to Izzet Spells, Monored Party, and Simic Mutate, but still fun! Red-Green Mutate Landfall seems the most fun though

    • I cut the Vials (worst card in the deck by far), the Lampads, 1 Rebirth and 1 Aerie; put the deck in 60 cards adding 4x Daxos. The event ended being up an easy 2-0 against Monored and Izzet n__n
      The amount of value and huge body that Daxos provides is great. I thought on the Alseid but it finally didnt make it to the 60.

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