Fandom Caster Cup 2 Throne of Eldraine Standard Decklists


The second Fandom Caster Cup has just concluded, which is an invitational tournament for past winners of Fandom Legends. This follows on from their first day Throne of Eldraine Standard tournament that had Bryan Gottlieb take the prize with the new Esper Stax control deck built around Doom Foretold and Dance of the Manse.

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In today’s event, Bryan Gottlieb took the crown again with his Bant Ramp deck that features Golos, Tireless Pilgrim and Field of the Dead that no other decks were able to compete with. There are only a few new Throne of the Eldraine cards – namely Realm-Cloaked Giant and Once Upon a Time. It can fend off aggro decks well, and can grind out wins against other control decks. Board wipes are also especially good in this metagame, when there are a lot of creatures in the meta (though it does not affect Bonecrusher Giant).

There are two other decks of note:

  • Mono Black Aggro: This is an exciting new archetype that makes use of Spawn of Mayhem, which is a powerful card but was not played in the last Standard season. It also gets some cool toys like Rankle, Master of Pranks, Blacklance Paragon and the ubiquitous Murderous Rider. Players have been reporting success with this deck archetype, and it is worth to keep watching.
  • Adventure: Edgewall Innkeeper and Lucky Clover are powerful engines for decks playing a high concentration of Adventure cards. Without them, the deck still serves as a decent midrange deck with cards like Murderous Rider and Bonecrusher Giant.

Cards to keep watching:

  • The Five Castles and Fabled Passage: It will be interesting to see what the optimal number of these lands to put in a mono, dual and three color decks.
  • Oko, Thief of Crowns: As the hype around this card starts to settle down, will it be the focal point of Standard like Teferi, Time Raveler has become?
  • Feasting Troll King and Food: Are the Food Tokens the new Energy? Is this parasitic mechanic going to be tier one?


RankPlayer NameDecklist
1stBryan GottliebBant Ramp
2ndCarlos RomaoEsper Stax
3rdEthan SaksJund Adventure
4thyellowhatMono Black Aggro
5thShahar ShenharSimic Ramp
6thAlexander HayneMono Black Aggro
7thSemulinGolgari Adventure
8thMike SigristSimic Ramp

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Source: Fandom Caster’s Cup September 29, 2019

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