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Fandom Legends Week 25 Throne of Eldraine Standard Decklists


The first Throne of Eldraine Standard tournament is underway already with Fandom Legends Week 25! Check out what the pro players brought to the table to win the $4000 prize pool in the exciting new Standard format and find out what decks will form the meta going forward.

Byran Gottlieb takes down his second Fandom Legends title in just as many months with his version of the Esper Doom Foretold and Dance of the Manse deck! The other top 4 decks consisted of Simic decks, all revolving around Oko, Thief of Crowns which basically dominated the tournament.

Initial thoughts: Decks will need a way to combat Oko, Thief of Crowns, and Bryan’s controlling Esper deck was surely a good way to fight it.

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Player NameDecklist
Javier DominguezBant Ramp
KbolBant Ramp
Bryan GottliebEsper Stax
Paulo Vitor Damo da RosaFour Color Wolves
Huey JensenGolgari Midrhenge
Shahar ShenharGolgari Midrhenge
YellowhatIzzet Phoenix
WaifugateJeskai Fires Superfriends
AutumnLilyMono Red Aggro
UrlichRakdos Aggro
HoneyRakdos Midrange
Martin JuzaRakdos Midrange
PrediMTGSimic Flash
Caleb DSimic Food
Brad NelsonSimic Midrange
TruedawnSimic Trollgaak

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Source: Fandom Legends September 26, 2019

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