Golgari Theorycraft Decks – Throne of Eldraine Standard

Throne of Eldraine Standard is now in full swing, and after the first day, we’ve already had the first Standard tournament (Fandom Legends) conclude, as well as the Play Any Deck Event live for players to play with all the cards they want for 12 games. We have already reviewed Black and Green Throne of Eldraine cards in the context of their mono colored versions, but what if we combined together?

Golgari Midrange was one of the strongest deck archetypes in early Guilds of Ravnica Standard, on the back of the powerful Explore package, Carnage Tyrant as an almost unstoppable finisher and some black removal spells. As more cards were added, it became easier for decks to out value the creatures. Now that these cards have rotated out, it is necessary for Golgari to look for new weapons. Today we look at three to four powerful options in this color combination.

Golgari Aggro / Golgari Midrange

With the new set, it is possible to go for a creature-centric build, with the introduction of Adventure cards that act as spells at the same time. Murderous Rider and Questing Beast is the key component of this deck, as they need to deal with the new Planeswalker in the block – Oko, Thief of Crowns.

The Great Henge gives you ramping and card advantage, and its cost is easily reduced with cards like Rotting Regisaur and fits the aggro strategy.

Golgari Adventure

We’re losing the explore package, but here’s another package we should consider – the Adventure package. Edgewall Innkeeper and Lucky Clover provide lots of value as well. This is a shell worth experimenting with and could be a strong Standard contender.

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Golgari Land Destruction

This version of the Golgari deck is primed to prey on three color decks in particular, but in combination with cards like Vraska, Golgari Queen, it will also have the best answers to all the three mana planeswalkers. It can then whittle down the opponent with Questing Beast and Rankle, Master of Pranks.

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Golgari Dreadhorde

Command the Dreadhorde is a powerful card, and we lose the card that made it work in the last Standard format – Wildgrowth Walker. But what is another good way to gain life? Food Tokens! This is a hybrid Food and Midrange deck that wants to exploit powerful planeswalkers by having access to The Elderspell to counter opposing planeswalkers and bringing them back, as well as being able to fuel your own.

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Wrapping Up

We feel Golgari is well positioned for the new metagame, having access to the powerful tools and spells black provides, and the must-answer creatures from green. Adding a third color like white or blue to have access to cards like Oko, Thief of Crowns (Food theme) and Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves (wolf tribal theme) are also possible decisions to branch out.

Make sure to check out our decks section for all the up to date Throne of Eldraine Standard decks, and as always you can find us at our Discord server to discuss the latest Throne of Eldraine format.

More Throne of Eldraine Standard Theorycraft

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