Free Code for Core Set 2020 Pack from Mythic Championship IV

Mythic Championship IV

The top 8 playoffs for Mythic Championship IV at Barcelona is currently live at the moment, and there’s a free Core Set 2020 booster pack for everyone! Use the code below to redeem your prize:


Despite the tournament being a non-Arena paper format (Modern), it looks like we are not left out over the weekend. To redeem your code, head to the Store section of the game and copy and paste the code into the field on the top right hand side of the screen. The code is valid until July 31 00:00 UTC so don’t miss out!

Remember, there are more codes you can redeem at our dedicated codes section for more free rewards and promotions, so click on the button below so you don’t miss out!

The first Plane-cation Chronicles event, Ravnica – Guild Battle is also coming up soon, so check out our guide on the event to see what prizes you can win and what decks you will be facing against!


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