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Historic Challenge 8-Win Decklists

The Historic Challenge is in full swing on MTG Arena, and we have already seen a flurry of decks that made it all the way to the coveted eighth win. In this article, we are featuring some of those lists and will continue to add decks until the event concludes on September 8.

Among the decks that made it to the top we can spot a lot of the usual suspects. Since Wizards have announced that the next Mythic Invitational will feature Historic, top players from all over the world are hard at work trying to solve the meta. At this point, there are several clear frontrunners among the Historic archetypes on the ladder that also have, quite unsurprisingly, performed well in the Historic challenge.

In this category, we are talking about three prominent archetypes – Sultai Ramp/Control, Collected Company Sacrifice and Mono Red Goblins. The latter two have the ability to pull off insane combo-finishes as soon as turn three, but also have the power to stay in the game pretty late and fight it out against all the hate.

In your Sacrifice decks you don’t have to splash for Collected Company though, as Shieldmaiden’s Rakdos list very well demonstrates. Similarly, Goblins are not the only efficient Mono Red option, and there are several viable builds for RDW that can take it all the way.

As for Sultai decks, there could be a ton shades and shapes to them, both in terms of deck-building and piloting. Sultai boasts probably the highest average quality of the cards it has access to and can skew its gameplan either towards more greedy ramp strategies or opt into skirmishing using more of a midrangy approach.

Be on the look-out for the Mono Green builds that still have a somewhat under-explored potential. Historic has more than enough tools to build efficient stompy deck. However, there’s also a Green Ramp idea with access to colorless Ugins and Nissa, Who Shakes the World. It provides a reliable, almost manascrew-proof strategy. You can also run Karn, the Great Creator to turn your sideboard into a pool of ‘tutorable’ artifacts!

As always, there is room for spicy brews to shine in these events as the field would be largely unprepared to meet the outsider archetypes. Among those we enjoyed Shrek69’s Temur Control build that uses Growth Spiral and Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath to get to the somewhat forgotten win-con of Niv-Mizzet, Parun. Anger of the Gods as a sweeper and a suite of counterspells that includes Censor’s and Pact of Negation’s are among the means to protect Niv’s gameplan here.

Enjoy the decklists that we have collected below, and make sure to check back in soon as the event goes on and more records are being reported!

Historic Challenge 8-Win Decklists

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