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Historic No Banned List Titan Field Creativity Deck Guide

In this video deck guide, Altheriax takes a look at the Titan Field Creativity deck for the Historic No Banned List event!

I’ve been having so much fun brewing in the No Banned List Historic event and since the event is all-access and doesn’t require any wildcards I thought it might be something people are interested in me making videos on. Definitely give me a shout in the comments if you enjoyed this since I have a lot of other deck ideas in the works that I’d be happy to cover while this event is running.

Temur Titan Field Creativity
by Altheriax
Buy on TCGplayer $382.55
best of 1
13 mythic
32 rare
6 uncommon
9 common
Planeswalkers (4)
Creatures (4)
Primeval Titan
Instants (14)
Memory Lapse
Flip the Switch
Sorceries (8)
Enchantments (4)
60 Cards

This deck is a combo-control deck that is looking to interact with counterspells, control the board with Oko, and use Transmogrify or Creativity to cheat Primeval Titan into play which fetches Field of the Dead and applies a ton of immediate pressure to the board while ramping.

You can then either defend your boardstate with counterspells or use additional Transmogrify effects on your Field of the Dead tokens to cheat more Primeval Titan into play.

For more decks, check out the No Banned List Historic event guide below:

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Alth is an MTG Arena grinder who has been #1 on the ladder multiple times and is always looking to bring new ideas and archetypes to the format and push them to the top spots on the ladder. You can follow him on Twitter and YouTube.

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