Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Spoilers

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths is the 84th Magic: The Gathering expansion and the 12th set to be included on MTG Arena! It will be released worldwide on April 16, 2020 along with the April game update. The official spoilers start on April 2, with the full card image gallery to be released on April 10. Follow us as the new cards are previewed! For more detailed information about the set, visit our Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Set Guide.



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  1. natertots says:

    that title is pure clickbait, the description even makes it seem like you have some leaked info or something.

    • mtgazone mtgazone says:

      Just getting things prepared! Who knows, we may get even get some cards earlier than expected. Only a few days away!

      • tristanfey says:

        No I call BS. You could have easily worded the title in a way to indicate it is a placeholder article or even added spoilers “will be added as they are released”.

        Instead your wording was deliberately written in a way to imply early leaked information. It was deceptive and intentional.

        • mtgazone mtgazone says:

          Hi all, firstly: We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. It was definitely not meant to be “clickbait”, but more like a placeholder for when the previews actually start – similar to what Mythic Spoiler or Magic Spoiler does. Obviously we are not a purely spoiler based website, so I understand if this was taken the wrong way. We also wanted to encourage people to discuss the set with the information we have so far.

          Secondly, there are “unofficial” leaks that have been released in the last few hours, so these have been added so we can mull these over in the mean time. They have been added to the gallery as well, so you can click on the image as well if you wish to see them. This is the full story: https://mtgazone.com/ikoria-lair-of-behemoth-leaks-spoils-three-monster-cards/

          Again, sorry about this – we definitely did not think a placeholder page would cause all this. We will avoid a placeholder page in the future.

          • TiredOfComplainers says:

            Don’t avoid placeholder pages, the guy is being a jackass.

            If you can’t figure out how pages like this have always worked you are in fact the foolish one. People like you who find the need to complain about nothing are the most pathetic people on the internet.

  2. 2 Almond says:

    click bait terrible taking advantage of people bored at home

  3. Andrew Petagna says:

    No, this is where the new cards will be…… It needs to be set up in advance so they can put them up right away. Kind of like how if a patient needs a ventilator, they need it now. Not in 100 days.

    • natertots says:

      oh yes since it takes so long to press a button and have something go live on a website. don’t act like it takes something several days to publish. comparing an online article publishing to the need for ventilators is stupid.

      if i publish an article on a website it goes live immediately, right when i press a button not a several days. it’s a clickbait article. they could easily added “PLACEHOLDER” in the title or in the article preview. it conveniently left out all information regarding actual spoiler dates. they know what they are doing. you read the title and the preview and it makes it seem as if actual spoilers are inside. you click, see several ads, and realize you got baited. why on earth would they put a placeholder out several days in advance when you know damn well they will put the article at the top of the page again.

  4. Kai Dorsett says:

    Where are my “spoilers”

  5. W says:

    Clickbait and got served like 5 banner ads

  6. Payrik says:

    This clickbait gave me corona

  7. B says:

    Avoiding articles from mtgazone from now on, hate clickbait.

  8. clickbaithater says:

    How about you take the article down since you admit to clickbait mtgazone

  9. A logical human says:

    Pay no mind to these trolls mtgazone. If you relabeled this link “Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Spoilers Clickbait”, these donkeys would have still clicked on it. You lost 5 seconds of your life realizing there isn’t a spoiler yet. Oh no, the world may end…

  10. null says:

    This comment section is silly.

  11. Donald J Trump says:

    You guys are so dumb 😂. The Godzilla cards are real. Even I could tell that they were real and I’m pretty stupid.

  12. Edgardo Perez says:

    Jesus, i am loving this set and all i’d need is two cards kudros and general enforcer, the enforcer gonna be so good protecting my tesya in commander.