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Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Standard Decks from Day 1

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths is the latest expansion released, making it the seventh set and more than 250 cards to be added to the Standard card pool. Standard has been a very high powered format thus far, and it will take a lot to break completely free from the metagame. Existing decks will look to get huge upgrades in the form of Companions, and try and go even bigger and greedier with flashy spells like the Apex and Ultimatums. Can new archetypes such as Humans and Cycling make an impact on Standard? This is our roundup of all the interesting decks from the first day, featuring decks played by Mythic players, pros and streamers!

Do note that players should be thinking twice before committing their precious resources such as Wildcards early on after a set release. Popular decks from the first week can disappear very quickly once people figure out how to beat it, and a metagame will form again as tournament and event results start to come out. We will be continuously be adding all decks here, or you can go straight to our Standard deck section. We will be following up with deck techs, crafting guides, and more so stay tuned!


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