Mythic Invitational Qualifier

Ikoria Mythic Invitational Qualifier #1 Decklists


The top 1200 Mythic players from each of the October, November and December ranked seasons were eligible to participate in today’s Ikoria Mythic Invitational Qualifier #1! This is the first time the tournament transitioned to a single day event, as opposed to being split across two days. This increases the variance or “spikiness” of the event, but there is no doubt the best MTG Arena players will still find a way to reach the top. Keep in mind we also get a second chance to qualify in March, in a much smaller player pool (top 1200 of February ranked season only).

All players who reach 10 wins before 2 losses qualify for the big $750,000 tournament, Mythic Invitational – Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths on May 14 to 17, 2020. As a bonus, players earn Mythic Points (important for Rivals League entry in the next professional season) starting with their fifth win.

Update January 13, 2020: All 22 qualified players and their decklists have been announced! Check out the full decklists below. Some player names may have been changed to reflect their MTG Arena handle.

10 Wins

Congratulations to the following 22 players who qualified for the Mythic Invitational, as well as earning 6 Mythic Points to put themselves ahead in the 2020 Partial Season.

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9 Wins

Here are the players who got extremely close and definitely worthy of mentions. These players also earned themselves 5 Mythic Points!

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