Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID) Limited Tier List

MTG Arena Zone’s Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID) Limited Tier Lists rank every in the set, to provide a guideline you can use to pick cards for your draft deck or to build your sealed deck. The limited set reviews provide context to the ratings, and full written updates will be noted in the changelog. Make sure to bookmark this page to come back to later!

Limited Set Reviews and Guides
  • September 17, 2021: Updated tier list with rarity column and card tooltip links.
  • September 16, 2021: Initial version, before Innistrad: Midnight Hunt release.
Hedgewitch's MaskC0.5
Gavony TrapperC2.5
Gavony SilversmithC3
Gavony DawnguardU4
Flare of FaithC1
Fateful AbsenceR2
Enduring AngelM4.5
Duelcraft TrainerU3.5
Curse of SilenceR0
Clarion CatharsC2
Chaplain of AlmsU2.5
Celestus SanctifierC1.5
Cathar's CallU1
Cathar CommandoC2
Candlegrove WitchC2.5
Brutal CatharR4.5
Borrowed TimeU3.5
Blessed DefianceC.5
Bereaved SurvivorU2
Beloved BeggarU3
Ambitious FarmhandU3.5
Adeline, Resplendent CatharR4
Homestead CourageC1
Intrepid AdversaryM4
Loyal GryffU3
Lunarch VeteranC2.5
Mourning PatrolC2.5
Odric's OutriderU3
Ritual GuardianC1
Ritual of HopeU2
Search Party CaptainC3.5
Sigarda's SplendorR3
Sigardian SaviorM4
Soul-Guide GryffC2.5
Sungold BarrageC2
Sungold SentinelR3.5
Sunset RevelryU1
Thraben ExorcismC1
Unruly MobC2
Vanquish the HordeR4
Angelfire IgnitionR4
Arcane InfusionU2.5
Arlinn, the Pack's HopeM4.5
Bladestitched SkaabU4
Can't Stay AwayR3
Corpse CobbleU2.5
Croaking CounterpartR2
Dawnhart WardensU3
Dennick, Pious ApprenticeR3.5
Devoted GrafkeeperU3
Dire-Strain RampageR2.5
Diregraf RebirthU3
Faithful MendingU1.5
Florian, Voldaren ScionR4
Galvanic IterationR3.5
Ghoulcaller's HarvestR2.5
Grizzly GhoulR3.5
Hallowed RespiteR2
Hungry for MoreU1.5
Join the DanceU2.5
Katilda, Dawnhart PrimeR4.5
Kessig NaturalistU3.5
Liesa, Forgotten ArchangelR5
Ludevic, NecrogeniusR3.5
Old StickfingersR2.5
Rem Karolus, Stalwart SlayerR3.5
Rite of HarmonyR0.5
Rite of OblivionU4
Rootcoil CreeperU3.5
Sacred FireU3.5
Sigarda, Champion of LightM4.5
Siphon InsightR3.5
Slogurk, the OverslimeR4
Storm SkreelixU3
Sunrise CavalierU3.5
Teferi, Who Slows the SunsetM3.5
Tovolar, Dire OverlordR4
Unnatural MoonriseU2
Vadrik, Astral ArchmageR3
Vampire SocialiteU4
Wake to SlaughterR1
Winterthorn BlessingU3
Component CollectorC1
Baithook AnglerC2.5
Covetous CastawayU2.5
Curse of SurveillanceR3
Delver of SecretsU1
Devious Cover-UpC1
Drownyard AmalgamC1.5
Fading HopeU2.5
Falcon AbominationC3
Firmament SageU3
Flip the SwitchC2
Grafted IdentityR4
Larder ZombieC1.5
Lier, Disciple of the DrownedM4
Locked in the CemeteryC2.5
Malevolent HermitR3.5
Memory DelugeR3.5
Mysterious TomeU3
Nebelgast IntruderU3
Ominous RoostU.5
Organ HoarderC3.5
Otherworldly GazeC0.5
Overwhelmed ArchivistU3.5
Patrician GeistR3.5
Phantom CarriageU3.5
Poppet StitcherM4.5
Revenge of the DrownedC3
Secrets of the KeyC1
Shipwreck SiftersC1.5
Skaab WranglerU3.5
Sludge MonsterR3.5
Spectral AdversaryM4
Stormrider SpiritC2
Suspicious StowawayR4
Unblinking ObserverC2
The CelestusR3
Crossroads CandleguideC1
Moonsilver KeyU0.5
Mystic SkullU1
Pithing NeedleR0.5
Silver BoltC2.5
Stuffed BearC0.5
Arrogant OutlawC1.5
Baneblade ScoundrelU3
Bat WhispererC1.5
Blood PactC1
Bloodline CullingR4
Bloodtithe CollectorU3
Champion of the PerishedR3.5
Covert CutpurseU3.5
Crawl from the CellarC2.5
Curse of LeechesR4
Diregraf HordeC3
Eaten AliveC3.5
Ecstatic AwakenerC3
Foul PlayU3.5
Ghoulish ProcessionU.5
Gisa, Glorious ResurrectorR4
Graveyard TrespasserR4
Heirloom MirrorU.5
Hobbling ZombieC2.5
Infernal GraspU3.5
Jadar, Ghoulcaller of NephaliaR3.5
Jerren, Corrupted BishopM4
Lord of the ForsakenM4.5
Mask of GriselbrandR4.5
The Meathook MassacreM5
Morbid OpportunistU4
Morkrut BehemothC1
No Way OutC2.5
Novice OccultistC1.5
Olivia's Midnight AmbushC3.5
Rotten ReunionC1
Shady TravelerC2.5
Siege ZombieC2.5
Slaughter SpecialistR0
Stromkirk BloodthiefU3
Tainted AdversaryM4.5
Vampire InterloperC3
Vengeful StranglerU2
Overgrown FarmlandR3
Deserted BeachR3
Shipwreck MarshR3
Haunted RidgeR3
Rockfall ValeR3
Evolving WildsC3
Field of RuinU0.5
Hostile HostelM5
Abandon the PostC1.5
Ardent ElementalistC3
Bloodthirsty AdversaryM4
Brimstone VandalC1.5
Burn Down the HouseR4.5
Burn the AccursedC3
Cathartic PyreU3.5
Curse of Shaken FaithC0
Electric RevelationC1.5
Falkenrath PerforatorC1.5
Falkenrath Pit FighterR2.5
Famished ForagersC2
Fangblade BrigandC3.5
Flame ChannelerU3
Festival CrasherC2
Geistflame ReservoirR3.5
Harvesttide InfiltratorC2
Lambholt HarrierC2.5
Light up the NightR4
Lunar FrenzyU3
Moonrager's SlashC3.5
Moonveil RegentM5
Mounted DreadknightC2
Neonate's RushC2
Obsessive AstronomerU2.5
Pack's BetrayalC0.5
Play with FireU3
Purifying DragonU3
Raze the EffigyC1.5
Reckless StormseekerR4
Seize the StormU4
Smoldering EggR4
Spellrune PainterU2.5
Stolen VitalityC2
Sunstreak PhoenixM4.5
Tavern RuffianC2.5
Village WatchU2.5
Voldaren AmbusherU3
Voldaren StingerC1.5
Augur of AutumnR4
Bird AdmirerC2.5
Bounding WolfC1.5
Bramble ArmorC.5
Briarbridge TrackerR4
Brood WeaverU3
Burly BreakerU3
Candlelit CavalryC2.5
Clear ShotU3.5
Consuming BlobM5
Contortionist TroupeU3.5
Dawnhart MentorU3
Dawnhart RejuvenatorC2
Deathbonnet SproutU3
Defend the CelestusU3
Dryad's RevivalU2
Duel for DominanceC3.5
Eccentric FarmerC3
Harvesttide SentryC2
Hound TamerU4
Howl of the HuntC2.5
Might of the Old WaysC2.5
Outland LiberatorU3
Path to the FestivalC1
Pestilent WolfC2
Primal AdversaryM4.5
Return to NatureC0.5
Rise of the AntsU4
Saryth, the Viper's FangR3.5
Shadowbeast SightingC3
Snarling WolfC1.5
Storm the FestivalR2
Tapping at the WindowC1
Timberland GuideC2
Tireless HaulerC2.5
Tovolar's HuntmasterR5
Turn the EarthU0.5
Unnatural GrowthR3.5
Willow GeistR2
Wrenn and SevenM4.5

Chris Kvartek

While Chris Kvartek technically kicked off his career in 2012, he burst onto the scene in 2019 like few before him. With an early season Top Finish at Mythic Championship II and narrow miss for his second at Mythic Championship IV, Kvartek earned invitations to two more Mythic Championships through online qualifiers. He secured his second Top Finish of the season at Mythic Championship VII, and now this rising star must prove he can stay among the elite of professional Magic.

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  1. mrorie says:

    Any chance of making these cards linkable/viewable in the future?

  2. Dustin says:

    It’s “Raze the Effigy” not “Raise the Effigy”

  3. Runic112 says:

    Would also be great to add rarity. Perhaps after the name in parenthesis? Old Stickfingers (R) for example.

  4. Teddy says:

    Hi there, thanks for this swift tier list – i’ll follow this article with great interest as always.
    By any chance will Drifter (or Compulsion) still contribute to those ratings ?

    • Teddy says:

      Don’t take me the wrong way : although I’m not too fond about switching to new standards I’m very thankfull to any participations of Mr. Kvartek since he’s been realy helpful to the community of this website.
      I was merely wondering if at some point mtgazone would tend to put a few tier summaries together to come up with lists with different points of view or coming from a consensus of such-as great drafters.
      I don’t want to mess with any ruling and to discredit anyone since you are putting a lot of effort to help us all with those articles and their updates.

  5. Aaron says:

    Played my first ever tournament (prerelease sealed) today and went undefeated to place first out of around 45 people using this list as a reference. Thank you! 😀

  6. Flavio says:

    Vengeful Strangler score looks wrong, I would say it is a solid 3.0 due to trading potential.