June 2020 Mythic Qualifier 10 Win and 9 Win Decklists


The top 1200 Mythic players from the May ranked season were eligible to participate in the June 2020 Mythic Qualifier held on the weekend just passed! All players who reach 10 wins before 2 losses qualify for the online Mythic Invitational on August 28-30, 2020 with a $250,000 prize pool.

Players also earn Mythic Points starting with their fifth win. They are used for getting on the Mythic Points leaderboard, which gives players an invitation to a future Mythic Invitational or the ability to participate in the qualifier events without having to grind the ladder for consistent performers in these events. It also contributes to their entry to the Rivals League. You can see the standings for this season here.

This will be our last look at Standard before Core Set 2021 enters the fray on June 25! Temur Reclamation takes the majority of the top slots in the 10 win position, whereas the 9 win decks show more variety. Will a new set be enough to shake up the Standard metagame, or will we have to wait until the arrival of Zendikar Rising and Standard rotation? Only time will tell!

10 Win Decklists

9 Win Decklists

Source: Magic.gg


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Heartless Gamer
Heartless Gamer
3 months ago

That Mono W list is a surprise. Can’t fathom how that deck avoided stalling across 10 games and how it made it through a field dominated by exile and bounce effects.

Vfor Vanish
Vfor Vanish
3 months ago

I was pretty lucky since i faced 10 games of MonoG, MonoR, Rakdos and Yorion 🙂