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Magic: The Gathering 30th Anniversary Panel at GenCon

Magic: The Gathering 30th Anniversary Panel at GenCon – MTG Arena Announcements

A lot of exciting new cards are making its way on MTG Arena! At the largest and longest-running tabletop gaming convention in North America, Gen Con, Wizards of the Coast have revealed more about the rest of their 2023 line-up and even shared sneak peeks into 2024, 2025, and beyond at their Magic at 30 panel! Check out all the details below. This is a developing story and will be updated.

Magic in 2024 Timeline Graphic
Magic in 2025–26 Timeline Graphic


Khans of Tarkir Key Art by Jason Chan

Some new features are coming to MTG Arena, including:

  • September is MTG Arena’s 5th anniversary, and there will be an event to celebrate.
  • An updated Duplicate Protection system – no more 13th copy of Duress!
  • New achievement system will be implemented “to help provide rewards that go beyond wins and losses”.
  • Before the end of the year Khans of Tarkir (the set, not the whole block) will be released as a full set, not a remastered version so there will not be any omitted cards.
  • No MTG Arena remastered sets for a while after this.


More unified ecosystem with tabletop Magic, FNM games rewarding Mastery Pass experience.

Standard sets:

Murders at Karlov Manor

Outlaws of Thunder Junction



Upcoming supplementary sets also include:

  • Pioneers Masters to MTG Arena at the end of the year, promising all tournament viable cards, and will also be a draft format.
  • Modern Horizons 3 as a draftable format in MTG Arena. Cards will be legal for Historic.
Khans of Tarkir Key Art by Jason Chan
  • Universes Beyond: Fallout cosmetics only, no cards.
  • Undecided on Universes Beyond: Assassins Creed.
Khans of Tarkir Key Art by Jason Chan


The development team is brainstorming about four-player modes and what to offer beyond PvP content.

Standard sets:


Mark Rosewater describes it as another set which leans on the existence of Omenpaths to make a “death race” across three different planes! Mark teases that two are ones which have had sets, and one has never been visited in a premier set before.


Following that is codename [Ultimate] (as in Ultimate frisbee) which returns to a world we haven’t visited in over a decade! We are returning to Tarkir! Mark is avoiding details, but the set takes the best of Khans and Dragons of Tarkir and smushing them together.


Mark Rosewater is extremely excited as he describes the pushing boundaries for Magic, as this set takes place in OUTER SPACE!


The most requested planes we return to ever: IT’S LORWYN!

Upcoming supplementary sets also include:

  • Final Fantasy set release similar to Lord of the Rings, so draftable and legal in Alchemy and Historic (no rebalances).


Standard sets:

  • {Yachting}: Return to Arcavios, the world of Strixhaven
  • {Ziplining}: Culmination of this story arc, similar to War of the Spark and March of the Machine.


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