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MagicFest Nagoya 2019 Top 8 Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

MagicFest (or formerly known as Grand Prix) Nagoya is one of the two Standard MagicFest tournaments on this weekend (the other in Lyon), with a total of 1755 competitors gathered in Japan. Thanks to the coverage team at MTG Japan, here we have the top 8 decklists and the metagame breakdown of the tournament.

Click here for results from MagicFest Lyon!

Top 8 Decklists

Azorius Control makes its way to the top again in a sea of Oko decks, following another strong result by edmvyrus in his run in the Mythic Championship VII Qualifier last weekend.

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Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

339 players made the second day of the Grand Prix out of the 1755 and perhaps not surprisingly, more than half of the decks were based on the Oko Food decks. The expected second tier decks are there in full force, with Azorius Control and Temur Reclamation being the breakout decks in recent times.

Deck ArchetypeNumber of Decks% of Decks
Sultai Food12737.5%
Simic Food5817.1%
Golgari Adventures195.6%
Jeskai Fires175.0%
Temur Reclamation164.7%
Gruul Aggro123.5%
Azorius Control113.2%
Jund Aristocrats102.9%

The other 20% of the metagame consisted of the following deck archetypes:

Deck ArchetypeNumber of Decks% of Decks
Rakdos Aristocrats82.4%
Selesnya Adventures82.4%
Rakdos Knights82.4%
Esper Control82.4%
Bant Food72.1%
Simic Flash61.8%
Mono Black Aristocrats41.2%
Izzet Control30.9%
Grixis Fires30.9%
Mono Black Aggro20.6%
Four-Color Fires20.6%
Four-Color Aristocrats20.6%
Mono Red Aggro20.6%
Sultai Food Flash10.3%
Grixis Aristocrats10.3%
Grixis Control10.3%
Mono Blue Dredge10.3%
Temur Food10.3%
Jund Adventures10.3%


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