MagicFest Lyon 2019 Decklists and Metagame Breakdown


MagicFest (or formerly known as Grand Prix) Lyon is one of the two Standard MagicFest tournaments on this weekend (the other in Nagoya), with a total of 944 competitors gathered from all around the world for their share in the $50,300 prize pool. The awesome coverage team at ChannelFireball and Frank Karsten are providing us with the decklists and statistics of the metagame this weekend!

With the other Standard Grand Prix running at the same time this weekend, the question is no longer about what decks can beat Oko – it is how much dominance they demonstrate before the anticipated banned and restricted announcement on November 18.

Click here for results from MagicFest Nagoya!


Antoine Lagarde’s Bant Food defeats Francisco Jose Gonzalez Hidalgo’s Sultai Food in the finals. Oko is present in 6 of the decks, and there is another showing of Azorius Control in the top 8 proving to be a strong contender.

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Source: ChannelFireball

You can also view all 944 decklists from the tournament here!

Win Rates of Major Archetypes

Below is the infographic compiled by Frank Karsten on the win rates of each of the deck archetypes in Grand Prix Lyon. Sultai Food had the most sample numbers, and it was interesting to see that its win rate was less than 50% despite its maindeck being better tuned for mirror matches via Noxious Grasp.


Source: @ChannelFireball

Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

163 players advanced to the second day of the tournament, with Oko Food decks showing its clear dominance yet again – consisting of about 40% of the decks in total.


Source: @ChannelFireball

Day 1 Metagame Breakdown

About 30% of the 944 players decided to join the Oko Food force in Grand Prix Lyon, which is a tamer number than we’re used to! According to the tournament statistics, the combined record of Temur Reclamation players was 158-103 (a 60.5% win rate, the highest of all major archetypes) and two of them ended the first day undefeated at 9-0.


The most played card statistics is also compiled below:


Source: @ChannelFireball

As time goes, the metagame adapts to the dominance of Oko decks and it looks like players seem to be better prepared for them. Will time and experimentation show any more breakout decks? Tune in and find out in Mythic Championship VI next weekend, the next big Standard tournament!



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