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March of the Machine Limited Combos and Synergies Guide

In March of the Machine, there are a lot of cards that work well together. In this guide, we introduce little pockets of synergy that can help your deck perform better than the sum of its parts.

Hey everyone! I’m back to drop one last hit of that limited knowledge on you before the Arena Open. Today we’re going to be taking a look at some combos and synergies from March of the Machine.

I’ll mostly be sticking to commons and uncommons since you’re way more likely to run into opportunities to take advantage of those. Though I’ll still throw something spicy in there for you at the end. Spoiler alert: It’s Yargle related.

Zada, Hedron Grinder and Zhalfirin Shapecraft

Here’s the thing, we all know Zada, Hedron Grinder isn’t a great card on its own. That means that if a solid opponent has it in their deck, then you immediately know that something crazy is definitely about to go down.

The way Zada is worded means that killing it in response doesn’t even stop the shenanigans from occurring. Sure, they prevented one card draw, but paying two mana to draw a card for every creature you control is pretty much game over especially if you had been going wide with Ral's Reinforcements or Joyful Stormsculptor.  That’s not even getting into the fact that everything is now a four power beatstick.

You could also use Aerial Boost or Storm the Seedcore (only targeting Zada or it doesn’t work) instead if you just want to attack for lethal. Any way you want to stack it up, Zada has no interest in playing a fair game of Magic.

Storm the Seedcore and Kami of Whispered Hopes

Speaking of Storm the Seedcore, it also combos nicely with Kami of Whispered Hopes to embiggen your side. For maximum effect, make sure you spread it across four creatures so that they all get those sweet bonus counters.

Your now significantly larger creatures are ready to rumble on in to vigilantly trample your opponent’s face in. That’s going to leave your opponent sitting there like those old “life comes at you fast” commercials.

Portent Tracker and Blighted Burgeoning

Do you like dropping extremely beefy monsters well ahead of curve? Then this little combo should have you salivating with anticipation. 

Having access to seven mana on turn four with two of them being of any color can let you play almost any major bomb in the format. Everything from Breach the Multiverse to Etali, Primal Conqueror is on the table here. Good luck coming back from that one opponent.

Hangar Scrounger and Marauding Dreadship

Marauding Dreadship has a big problem with dying to a random 1/1 while Hangar Scrounger is limited by needing to run itself into the red zone to rack up value.

Things get better once they team up since the Good Ship Lollipop gets a +1+1 counter so that it can at least trade with something relevant. If the board is stalled, you can just sit back rummaging away by crewing with Hangar Scrounger until you get what you need to win.

Ephara’s Dispersal and Oracle of Tragedy

This sweet little combo lets you keep looping the three other best cards in your deck until you either grind your opponent into dust or they run out of cards. These are both great cards in the best color so there is a good chance you’ve had this combo floating around in your deck without realizing it.

Corrupted Conviction and Furnace Reins

A tale as old as time…stealing your opponent’s best creature and sacrificing it for profit. In this case that profit is two new cards which is a whole heck of a lot better than when you just sacrifice it to something like Dreg Recycler for minimal benefit.

The cool part about this combo is that you can do it with only three mana (as long as the coast is clear) because you can use the treasure to pay for the Corrupted Conviction.

Mirrodin Avenged and Invasion of Regatha

While Mirrodin Avenged isn’t something you typically want to be playing, it is a nifty way to change Invasion of Regatha from “I hope they have something with one toughness” into “I guess I’ll just kill your best creature”.

Still a bit questionable to include Mirrodin Avenged, but it starts to look a lot better when you have two Invasions.

Beamtown Beatstick and Reyav, Master Smith

Reyav is pretty great with any equipment, but he really makes the beatstick live up to its name. Menacing his way in for six damage and two treasure tokens on turn three is a very real problem that will quickly snowball the game in your favor.

Fearless Skald and Copper Host Crusher

May I interest you in a trip to Cleaveland? For those of you from Ohio, this is going to end for your opponent the same way a night in the pre-gentrification Flats would. If you don’t get that reference, it means that they’re gonna have a bad time.

A nine-power double striking trampler is a pretty disgusting thing to deal with in limited. Good thing this trusty removal can… Oh wait… Hexproof. This ones going to leave a mark.

Yargle and Multani and Voldaren Thrillseeker

Have you ever wanted to two card, one shot kill your opponent in limited? Luckily the design team at WotC wanted you to have multiple ways to pull it off if you’re packing Yargle and Multani. You could just slap Astral Wingspan on there, but why settle for that when you can Fling your way to victory.

Seriously this is one of those combos that you can’t even be mad about losing to. It’s just hilarious for everyone involved. What is the explanation for this besides Yargle and Multani being bit by a vampire and then shot out of a cannon at your opponents face?

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you can take advantage of some of these cool combos to collect some of that sweet cash from Wizards during the Arena Open. Of course, I’ll be back soon with even more limited action for you and maybe something a little different too. Until then, stay classy people!

I’m always open to feedback, let me know what you loved, what you hated, or just send dog pics. You can contact at:

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