Standard 2022 Metagame

Explore the best decks in the metagame for the Standard 2022. Our tier list and rankings are carefully curated based on a variety of factors and sources by our expert players. To learn more about the format and find more decks, please check out our dedicated guide.

  • Click on the deck archetype name to find go to its dedicated section or go directly to the guide if there is one.
  • Use our detailed metagame snapshots linked above the tier list to see how the rankings are formulated for that time period.
  • The explanations for the different tiers are further below.

Tier List

July 14, 2021: View the latest Metagame update

Rank ArchetypeTierGuide
1afr-211-werewolf-pack-leaderMono Green Stompy1Guide
2stx-189-galazeth-prismariIzzet Dragons1Guide
3afr-62-iymrith-desert-doomDimir Control1Guide
4afr-25-monk-of-the-open-handMono White Aggro1Guide
4afr-23-loyal-warhoundBoros Aggro1
5afr-225-kalain-reclusive-painterRakdos Midrange2Guide
5afr-225-kalain-reclusive-painterMardu Sacrifice2
6khm-393-rampage-of-the-valkyriesOrzhov Angels2Guide
8Koma, Cosmos Serpent Art by Jesper EjsingSimic Ramp3
11khm-112-tergrid-god-of-frightMono Black Discard4Guide
12stx-253-codie-vociferous-codexJeskai Codie4Guide


  • Tier 1: The best of the best. The most consistent decks that sport the highest win rates and generally, the highest play rates.
  • Tier 2: Very solid decks that are slightly lacking in some capacity, whether it’s consistency or power compared to the Tier One archetypes. These can still be strong choices for ladder or for tournaments if you are highly skilled with the archetype or play them during the right metas.
  • Tier 3: Either these decks are poorly positioned or have a lot of power/consistency issues. These are decks that see play, but are generally worse choices than your other options.
  • Tier 4: Off-meta decks.

6 Responses

  1. schreierj says:

    Why no love for the mono-red goblin deck?

    • DoggertQBones says:

      If it proves to be a bigger player it can definitely be added! This is just the first version of the tier list, I’m sure a lot of updates will be needed as the meta develops

  2. Joseph Sweeney says:

    Is this for bo1 or bo3?

  3. duke says:

    izzet dragon contains a lot of throne of eldraine cards, that rotate and not are 2022 format

    • DoggertQBones says:

      The Standard deck does but not the 2022 version. In my guide I even mention that although Dragons loses the Adventure creatures, it loses the least amount of cards compared to the other decks except maybe Monowhite

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