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Icebreaker Kraken Art by Chris Cold

Standard 2022 Temur Landfall Deck Guide: Combo Makes its Way into 2022

Hello everyone! Today I’m going over one of the coolest decks I’ve seen in Standard 2022: Temur Landfall Combo. Pioneered by Shadoka, the deck aims to play a Ramp game plan and then finish the opponent off with a Combo finish! Combo has been a functionally absent archetype in 2022 throughout it’s entire life cycle so it’s great to see someone figured out a viable combo! Before I continue, let’s take a look at the list Shadoka posted.

Standard 2022 Temur Landfall Combo
by MTG Arena Zone
Buy on TCGplayer $30.08
Standard 2022
best of 1
4 mythic
16 rare
6 uncommon
34 common
Instants (2)
Divide by Zero
Sorceries (8)
Field Trip
Enchantments (8)
60 Cards
7 Cards

This deck is quite powerful as it has a few game plans that work in tandem, but also independently of one another. At it’s core, this is a Ramp deck which is a reasonable game plan in itself in conjunction with large threats. With a lot of Ramp and stall mechanisms, the deck is capable of both being a solid midrange deck with Valakut Exploration and Learn cards for card advantage with Jadzi, Oracle of Arcavios and Icebreaker Kraken as top end, and a combo deck that can kill an opponent even through removal.

Furthermore, the deck has a lot of potential options to adapt to the metagame as the deck just needs it’s combo elements, snow lands, and stalling mechanisms. With that, let’s go over what the combo actually is.


So you need 8 or more lands out (they need to be snow, but this deck only plays snow lands), a Valakut Exploration out, an Icebreaker Kraken in hand or on the board, and a Jadzi, Oracle of Arcavios in hand, and generally 2 additional cards in hand that can be anything. So you cast Icebreaker Kraken for 4 mana, let the ETB trigger resolve.

Now you have to hold full control by pressing Ctrl, float all your available mana, activate Icebreaker Kraken’s ability as many times as you can without letting any of them resolve prior to your max activations. Once you activate the ability as many times as possible and the triggers resolve, cast the Journey to the Oracle half of Jadzi to replay all your lands from your hand and make sure to discard a card to return it to hand.

The lands will enter untapped, a bunch of Landfall triggers will occur for Valakut Exploration, and you can repeat this loop as many times as you need to kill the opponent with Valakut Exploration triggers. Shadoka plays out the combo in a comment below the tweet I linked to his name if you want to see it in action.


Jadzi, Oracle of Arcavios Art by Chris Rahn
Jadzi, Oracle of Arcavios Art by Chris Rahn

Cosima, God of the Voyage

This deck is really good at making it’s land drops and Cosima absolutely loves land drops. If you can play this turn 3, you can look to return this a few turns later as a huge beater with a bunch of cards attached! Although it doesn’t come up often, you can use the Omenkeel half in conjunction with Neverwinter Dryad (or additional Cosimas) if for whatever reason you need a 3/3 attacker or blocker in a pinch.

Jadzi, Oracle of Arcavios

1/3 of your combo. You need the second half of Jadzi to do your cool loop. However, at absolute worst Jadzi can be played out as well and be a sizeable threat, especially in conjunction with any instant or sorcery.

Neverwinter Dryad

This deck is looking to ramp hard and get snow lands out, something Neverwinter Dryad does perfectly. It’s at its best turn 1, but drawing it later in the game as a 3 mana ramp spell and blocker.

Icebreaker Kraken

Another third of the combo. You use this as a means to bounce lands, but like Jadzi, you can just use this as a big beater as well if you don’t assemble your combo in a timely fashion. On that note, it’s actually really easy to win games just through beating them to death with a Kraken, especially if you happen to draw multiples. Once you hit 8 mana, you can play out 2 Krakens the same turn and technically protect them both with the bounce trigger (although that would not be recommended as that woud be most of your lands!)

Divide by Zero

It’s good to have some interaction, and Divide by Zero is one of the premium interactive spells in 2022. You can delay any spell while drawing a card of your own like a clunkier Remand!

Emergent Sequence

This deck is all about land drops so we have another Ramp spell that can help us out. It’s unfortunate that this land is susceptible to removal, but it’s the best we have access to right now.

Field Trip

More ramp, but this time attached with a card draw which is more than welcome in a deck that tends to have a lot of excess mana.

Valakut Exploration

The final part of the combo. Like the other pieces, Exploration still has plenty of utility on its own by pinging the opponent or functionally drawing cards.

Battle of Frost and Fire

This is one of the few wraths available in Temur colors, but it’s also one of the best ones. Not only does this kill most threats that you would need to worry about, it also lets you Scry 3 then draw a few cards a turn after that! Pretty good value from a board wipe!


Environmental Sciences

Great for grabbing extra lands or life gain.

Fractal Summoning

I’m not convinced this is better than something like a second copy of Mascot Exhibition, but making one huge creature can sometimes be better.

Teachings of the Archaics

A functional Divination when you have fewer cards in hand. One of my favorite Lessons.

Basic Conjuration

This will be one of the Lessons you grab the most as this can find both Jadzi and Icebreaker Kraken for your combo.

Containment Breach

Your friendly neighborhood Naturalize. You’re not going to get this often, but you can when you’re in a real pinch.

Mascot Exhibition

The classic Lesson board bomb.


Spirit of the Aldergard Art by Lars Grant-West
Spirit of the Aldergard Art by Lars Grant-West

Ascendant Spirit

An interesting alternate win con since we have only Snow lands. Likely unnecessary and makes cheap removal a lot better against this deck when it’s normally pretty bad.

Ruin Crab

Another way to achieve your combo if you don’t have Valakut Exploration out. Can also be found off of Basic Conjuration so a little easier to piece together while also requiring fewer loops, but easier to disrupt since it’s an 0/3.


A decent interaction spell and a way to protect your combo. Could see a few of these somewhere in the list.

Icebind Pillar

Could be an interesting sideboard option if this was Bo3, but still seems low impact

Saw it Coming

Same logic as Negate, but I think Negate is a bit better.

Alrund’s Epiphany

Great card, just doesn’t really do much for the deck, but a few copies would still be fine since it’s that busted.

Frost Bite

If you’re facing a lot of creature decks, playing some Frost Bite over Cosima seems like a pretty reasonable move.

Heated Debate

More or less same logic as Frost Bite, but a worse option.

Tundra Fumarole

If this deck used colorless mana better it could be an interesting option. Definitely not unreasonable in the current build either.

Druid Class

This card is kind of close to being good enough for this deck, but it does a bit too little for the price.

Sculptor of Winter

We need the ramp to be land based, so although this would be good in theory, it doesn’t match with the deck.

Roiling Regrowth

Not awful, but pretty bad compared to Field Trip.

Esika’s Chariot

Functionally the same logic as Alrund's Epiphany, this card doesn’t fit with the strategy, but is so good I couldn’t fault anyone for adding in a few copies.

Spirit of the Aldergard

A little low impact, but not unreasonable for the deck to run.

Vastwood Surge

Higher impact, but more situational than Spirit of the Aldergard. Amazing on turn 3-5, but pretty bad after that most of the time.

Expressive Iteration

Another broken card that doesn’t really fit, another potential inclusion.

Waking the Trolls

A cool alternate win condition, but pretty unnecessary.

Eureka Moment

A pretty reasonable ramp spell. I could see this over some copies of Cosima, but it’s not amazing.

Quandrix Cultivator

Probably the most surprising exclusion alongside Frost Bite, personally, I think I would play 4 of these over 4 Cosima as they’re really good at getting you closer to land 8 while being a great blocker.


Valakut [card name=
Valakut Exploration Art by Jesper Ejsing

It’s ok to sandbad your Neverwinter Dryad if you believe your opponent has removal and you can’t crack it immediately. Getting the land is infinitely more important than making them use a kill spell that’s pretty bad against you for the most part normally.

I tend to sandbag the Emergent Sequence if I have a Battle of Frost and Fire in hand unless you’re going to be too slow getting there.

It’s not much of a tip, but read Cosima, God of the Voyage carefully as it can be a bit confusing when you’re trying to exile it, put counters on it, or bring it back.

Don’t discount the possibility of playing the Omenkeel half of Cosima. If you have another Cosima and nothing better to do on turn 2, it could be a helpful blocker or attacker.

Don’t get too hung up on holding Divide by Zero to protect your combo, it’s there mostly to stall to get to your combo.

Playing Valakut Exploration as early as possible can help you develop your hand. I don’t recommend playing it over interaction, but if there’s an opening, it’s pretty good to get it out there when you can.

If you have a lot of lands in your hand already, you can play out the Journey to the Oracle half of Jadzi before going for combo to ramp efficiently.

Like I said before, don’t be afraid to just play out your combo pieces as individual threats. You don’t need to combo every game to win.

Choose your lessons based on what game plan you’re working towards. If you’re trying to combo, get Basic Conjuration or Teachings of the Archaics. If you are trying to midrange them to death, Mascot Exhibition is generally your best bet.

Remember to hold Full Control when going for combo and to take your time, you don’t want to lose any games from going too fast and messing it up.

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