Innistrad Midnight Hunt Spoilers: Daily Roundup for September 8, 2021

Previews season is beginning to wind down for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt – we’ve only got one more day of previews according to the official schedule – but there are still some exciting new cards to check out in the meantime. Among the previews we’ve seen today are a host of new legendary creatures at rare and mythic, the return of a somewhat divisive planeswalker, some interesting new removal options at low rarities, and more. Let’s dive in!

A Reminder: Doing Things a Bit Differently

Our Daily Roundup series will be continuing as previews roll out, but we’re going to try formatting things a little bit differently than in the past. Rather than listing all of the cards that are spoiled each day (there’s a very large volume of them), we’re going to break down the mythics, rares, and a selection of other cards that either show off new mechanics, seem impactful for constructed Standard, or are significant in some other way.

Our main spoilers page will still contain all of the spoilers from the set as they are released of course, including the draft commons and uncommons that may be omitted here.

Please let us know what you think of this change! There are a few things changing behind the scenes here at MTGA Zone and we are trying to find the best way to present the spoilers to our readers, so we are very interested in your feedback. You can leave a comment on this article or write us a message on the MTGA Zone Discord to share your thoughts.

A Few Notes:

  • This page is a WIP and will be regularly updated throughout the day as more cards are previewed.
  • Some cards are previewed in languages other than English with no official translation immediately available. Be aware that the exact wording of cards with non-English text may not be perfectly accurate.
  • Not all of the cards that have been revealed are listed on this page. Instead, the most interesting and impactful cards will be highlighted here; please see our main spoilers page to find all of the cards that have been previewed so far.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some spoilers! Cards have been listed alphabetically and categorized by rarity. See below for quick links for your browsing convenience.

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Lier, Disciple of the Drowned

  • Card Name: Lier, Disciple of the Drowned
  • Mana Cost: {3}{U}{U}
  • Card Type: Legendary Creature – Human Wizard
  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Card Text:
    Spells can’t be countered.
    Each instant and sorcery card in your graveyard has flashback. The flashback cost is equal to that card’s mana cost.
  • Power/Toughness: 3/4

Okay! This card is a bit clunky at five mana, and it’s a good thing too, because that ability is powerful. One could say that creature cards that give spells in the graveyard flashback have some pedigree (COUGH Snapcaster Mage), and Lier, Disciple of the Drowned seems like Wizards’ attempt to print a fixed version of this effect.

To be clear, this card is no Snapcaster Mage, but I think it still has some serious play to it. The Standard 2022 format already has a decent amount of “spells matter” floating around, and Midnight Hunt is bringing more, along with self-mill and juicy graveyard effects.

It’s also worth noting that the “Spells can’t be countered” line applies to ALL spells, including your opponent’s. I think this clause was added to the card at least partially to prevent Lier from being a strong counterspell tribal commander in Brawl. When the Brawl format was first created, Baral, Chief of Compliance had just been printed into Standard, and it created a pretty miserable play experience before it was eventually banned.

Now that Brawl is a properly supported format on Arena, I think it’s unlikely that a card like Baral that’s both a legendary creature and a counterspell engine will be printed into Standard anytime soon.

Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset

  • Card Name: Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset
  • Mana Cost: {2}{W}{U}
  • Card Type: Legendary Planeswalker – Teferi
  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Card Text:
    {+1}: Choose up to one target artifact, up to one target creature, and up to one target land. Untap the chosen permanents you control. Tap the chosen permanents you don’t control. You gain 2 life.
    {-2}: Look at the top three cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.
    {-7}: You get an emblem with “Untap all permanents you control during each opponent’s untap step” and “You draw a card during each opponent’s draw step.
  • Starting Loyalty: 4

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“Katilda, Dawnheart Headwitch”

  • Card Name: “Katilda, Dawnheart Headwitch”
  • Mana Cost: {G}{W}
  • Card Type: Legendary Creature – Human Warlock
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Text:
    Protection from Werewolves
    Human creature you control have “{T}: Add one mana of any of this creature’s colors to your mana pool.”
    {4}{G}{W}, {T}: Put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control.
  • Power/Toughness: 1/1

“Ludevic, Necrogenius”/”Olag, Ludevic’s Hubris”

  • Card Name: “Ludevic, Necrogenius”
  • Mana Cost: {U}{B}
  • Card Type: Legendary Creature – Human Wizard
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Text:
    Whenever “Ludevic, Necrogenius” enters the battlefield or attacks, mill a card.
    {X}{U}{U}{B}{B}, Exile X creature cards from your graveyard: Transform “Ludevic, Necrogenius”. X can’t be zero. Activate only as a sorcery.
  • Power/Toughness: 2/3
  • Card Name: “Olag, Ludevic’s Hubris”
  • Card Type: Legendary Creature – Zombie
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Text:
    When this creature transforms into “Olag, Ludevic’s Hubris”, it becomes a copy of one of the cards exiled with Ludevic, except it’s name is “Olag, Ludevic’s Hubris”, it has base power and toughness 4/4, and its a blue and black legendary Zombie in addition to its other types. Put a +1/+1 counter on “Olag, Ludevic’s Hubris” for each card exiled with it.
  • Power/Toughness: 4/4

Rem Karolus, Stalwart Slayer

  • Card Name: Rem Karolus, Stalwart Slayer
  • Mana Cost: {1}{R}{W}
  • Card Type: Legendary Creature – Human Knight
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Text:
    Flying, haste
    If a spell would deal damage to you or another permanent you control, prevent that damage.
    If a spell would deal damage to an opponent or a permanent an opponent controls, it deals that much damage plus 1 instead.
  • Power/Toughness: 2/3

Skyknight Legionnaire with upside? Count me in! Legionnaire brings back some good memories from my childhood of getting beaten down by my friend playing Boros while I struggled to figure out how Dredge works. The last time it was in Standard during the previous return to Ravnica, the card wasn’t quite good enough to see much play in Constructed Standard but it was fairly close.

Now, Rem Karolus might just push this design over the edge with an extra point of toughness and some pretty interesting abilities, although admittedly it being legendary does feel like a downside.

This card is dying to be played alongside Sacred Fire (previewed yesterday), a two mana shock that also gains you two life and has flashback. With Rem Karolus in play, it essentially becomes Lightning Helix, albeit with one less point of lifegain.

Sigarda’s Splendor

  • Card Name: Sigarda’s Splendor
  • Mana Cost: {2}{W}{W}
  • Card Type: Enchantment
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Text:
    As Sigarda’s Splendor enters the battlefield, note your life total.
    At the beginning of your upkeep, draw a card if your life total is greater than or equal to the last noted life total for Sigarda’s Splendor. Then note your life total.
    Whenever you cast a white spell, you gain 1 life.

Slaughter Specialist

  • Card Name: Slaughter Specialist
  • Mana Cost: {1}{B}
  • Card Type: Creature – Vampire Warrior
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Text:
    When Slaughter Specialist enters the battlefield, each opponent creates a 1/1 white Human creature token.
    Whenever a creature an opponent controls dies, put a +1/+1 counter on Slaughter Specialist.
  • Power/Toughness: 3/3

I like this design. It’s almost like a callback to the “Hunted” cards, like Hunted Troll, that were designed as highly efficient threats but came with the downside of giving your opponent creature tokens that can counter them.

Unlike the Hunted cards, however, the 1/1 tokens that Slaughter Specialist gives to your opponent are really an upside, intended to fuel the card’s triggered ability.

Slogurk, the Overslime

  • Card Name: Slogurk, the Overslime
  • Mana Cost: {1}{G}{U}
  • Card Type: Legendary Creature – Ooze
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Text:
    Whenever a land card is put into your graveyard from anywhere, put a +1/+1 counter on Slogurk, the Overslime.
    Remove three +1/+1 counters from Slogurk: Return it to its owner’s hand.
    When Slogurk leaves the battlefield, return up to three target land cards from your graveyard to your hand.
  • Power/Toughness: 3/3

Hey, what do you know? Another Simic legend that cares about lands. This card seems quite good and all but I’m off it.

Vadrik, Astral Archmage

  • Card Name: Vadrik, Astral Archmage
  • Mana Cost: {1}{U}{R}
  • Card Type: Legendary Creature – Human Wizard
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Card Text:
    If it’s neither day nor night, it becomes day as Vadrik, Astral Archmage enters the battlefield.
    Instant and sorcery spells you cast cost {X} less to cast, where X is Vadrik’s power.
    Whenever day becomes night or night becomes day, put a +1/+1 counter on Vadrik.
  • Power/Toughness: 1/2

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Eaten Alive

  • Card Name: Eaten Alive
  • Mana Cost: {B}
  • Card Type: Sorcery
  • Rarity: Common
  • Card Text:
    As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature or pay {3}{B}.
    Exile target creature or planeswalker.

Field of Ruin

  • Card Name: Field of Ruin
  • Card Type: Land
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Card Text:
    {T}: Add {c}.
    {2}, {T}, Sacrifice Field of Ruin: Destroy target nonbasic land an opponent controls. Each player searches their library for a basic land card, puts it onto the battlefield, then shuffles.

Morbid Opportunist

  • Card Name: Morbid Opportunist
  • Mana Cost: {2}{B}
  • Card Type: Creature – Human Rogue
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Card Text:
    Whenever one or more other creatures die, draw a card. This ability triggers only once each turn.
  • Power/Toughness: 1/3

Rite of Oblivion

  • Card Name: Rite of Oblivion
  • Mana Cost: {W}{B}
  • Card Type: Sorcery
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Card Text:
    As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a nonland permanent.
    Exile target nonland permanent.
    Flashback {2}{W}{B}

Exile-based removal is always good, especially in the context of a set that cares so much about the graveyard, and this card is priced to move at two mana. I think the biggest question is how to strike a balance between this card and Vanishing Verse, a similar two mana exile spell that’s currently one of the best removal options in Standard 2022. Both cards have strengths and weaknesses, and I think a lot of it will come down to what the best and most popular threats in the format are going to be.

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We’ll be continuing to cover ongoing spoilers for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, so stay tuned and be sure to check out our full spoilers page in the meantime.

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