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MTG: Arena Announcements, March 23, 2022

It’s time once again for our once-weekly review of the MTG Arena Announcements, the regular news blog published by Wizards of the Coast. The Arena Announcements are used as a platform for Wizards to keep us up-to-date on all of the latest happenings and upcoming events on the client. In the text below, we’ll provide you with a concise summary of all of the new information from today’s post.

This time, the announcements are still largely focused on the freshly released Alchemy: Kamigawa, a set of 30 Arena-only digital cards for Alchemy and Historic that was released last Thursday, March 17. We’ve also learned about when the next Alchemy balancing changes will take place and more – let’s take a look.

Alchemy Balancing Changes Coming April 7!

We’ll get started right out with perhaps the most exciting news from this weeks post – the next wave of balancing adjustments in Alchemy (and Historic) will be taking place on April 7. Wizards says that they “wanted to give players as much notice as possible” as the changes will be happening shortly before a Qualifier Weekend. The team says that they are planing to finalize and announce the changes as early as next week, although they won’t actually go into effect until the 7th.

Alchemy: Kamigawa Available Now

With the release of Alchemy: Kamigawa, Wizards has added two primary ways of acquiring packs: the usual one pack for 1,000 gold and 15 packs for 3,000 gems. In addition, new cosmetic bundles are also available in the store.

Wizards has also announced that beginning on March 31, players will be able to purchase a one-time bundle to help build your Alchemy collection. The bundle will cost 15,000 gold or 3,000 gems, and includes 20 Alchemy: Kamigawa packs. This product will be replacing the similar Alchemy: Innistrad bundle that’s been around since shortly after Alchemy’s release.

As a final note on Alchemy: Kamigawa, Wizards also reminds us that the (relatively short) accompanying State of the Game article was released along with last week’s announcements. If you missed it, you can find our coverage on the State of the Game here:

Reminder of Upcoming Events: Out of the Shadows and Alchemy Metagame Challenge

The final event to unlock Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty showcase frames, Out of the Shadows, will be getting started this Friday as The Unbroken Blade event comes to an end. Out of the Shadows is your way to unlock Ninja card styles, and the event will be featuring Singleton Alchemy with a special emblem.

We’ve covered this event fairly extensively in our past coverage of the Arena Announcements when it was first announced – find more details here, and expect us to release a guide for the event with decklists once it launches.

Lastly, Wizards also reminds us about the upcoming Alchemy Metagame Challenge – the first ever Metagame Challenge to feature the Alchemy format. The event is all-access, meaning you can build decks with any cards you like, even if they aren’t in your collection. The event will be running from March 25-28 and is structured in best-of-three matches.

It’s a single-elimination event, meaning participants will play until they reach 7 wins or 1 loss, with the maximum prize being 5,000 gold and 30 packs. Everyone who enters will receive at least 500 gold back as well as a special “Ogre Mask” sleeve:

Neon Ogre Mask sleeve

You can find more details about the Metagame Challenge in our coverage of last week’s announcements where the event was first revealed.

That brings us to the end of the MTG Arena Announcements for this week – we’ll be on the lookout for any further information about the Alchemy balance changes and keep you posted! In the meantime, if you’d like to check out the full post from Wizards, you’ll find it embedded in its entirety below.

MTG Arena Announcements, March 23, 2022

Last week, Jay Parker and Megan O’Malley gave us a look at the new 30-card set, improvements coming to MTG Arena, and lots more. In case you missed it, check out the Alchemy: Kamigawa State of the Game article.

Alchemy: Kamigawa Packs and Bundles Available Now

MTG Arena image showing Pyrexianized Tamiyo, packs, three cards from Alchemy: Kamigawa, and a Tamiyo sticker

Alchemy: Kamigawa packs and bundles can be purchased now in the MTG Arena Store!

  • 1x Alchemy: Kamigawa pack for 1,000 gold
  • 15x Alchemy: Kamigawa packs for 3,000 gems

Also, look for new bundles like the Tamiyo Compleat Bundle, Koi Pet Bundle, Spirited Companion Bundle, and several depth-art bundles.

Special one-time purchase beginning March 31: look for a 20-pack Alchemy: Kamigawa bundle for 15,000 gold or 3,000 gems! This will give you a boost as you add Alchemy: Kamigawa cards to your collection. But note! The Alchemy: Kamigawa 20-pack bundle will replace the special 20-pack Alchemy: Innistrad bundle, so if you haven’t purchased that one but want to, do so soon, because it disappears on March 31!

Check out the new Alchemy: Kamigawa cards and start adding them to your collection!

Upcoming Alchemy Balance Changes

As part of the April 7 game update, we are planning to rebalance a number of cards in Alchemy. Since this is very close to a Qualifier Weekend, we wanted to give players as much notice as possible, with our goal to have the changes finalized and announced next week, though they will not be playable until the update is live.

Out of the Shadows Begins This Friday!

The Out of the Shadows event kicks off Friday, March 25, with opportunities to add Ninja card styles to your collection like these:

Inkrise Infiltrator with Ninja card style
Moon-Circuit Hacker with Ninja card style

Enter the streets of Towashi in this new event, using the Out of the Shadows emblem with the text:

Whenever one or more creatures you control deal combat damage to a player, a random creature card in your hand perpetually gets +1/+1. Until your next turn, you may cast creature spells as though they had flash.

Check out complete event details and a list of the card styles you can win, and start playing, because Out of the Shadows ends on April 1!

All-Access Alchemy Metagame Challenge March 25–28!

Bring an Alchemy deck and compete in the first Alchemy Metagame Challenge the weekend of March 25–28! These will be Best-of-Three matches with prizes based on the number of matches you win:

7 wins5,000 gold + 30 packs
6 wins4,000 gold + 20 packs
5 wins3,000 gold + 10 packs
4 wins2,500 gold + 5 packs
3 wins2,000 gold + 3 packs
2 wins1,500 gold + 1 pack
1 win1,000 gold
0 wins500 gold

A special note: To make the first Alchemy Metagame Challenge more accessible to players looking to dive into Alchemy, this event will be All Access: players may submit any Alchemy deck, whether they have the cards in their collection already or not.

Plus, all players who enter will receive the Ogre Mask sleeve!

Neon Ogre Mask sleeve

Event Schedule

Midweek Magic

Midweek Magic events begin on Tuesdays at 8 a.m. PT and end on Thursdays at 11 a.m. PT.

  • March 29–31: On the Edge
  • April 5–7: Challenger Showcase

Quick Draft

  • March 25–April 8: Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
  • April 8–22: Zendikar Rising
  • April 22–29: Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
  • April 29–May 12: Kaldheim
  • May 13–27: Streets of New Capenna

Arena Open

  • April 16–17: Historic

Other Events

  • March 17–26: Traditional Sealed Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
    • Developer’s Note: We’ve put Traditional Sealed Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty back on our event schedule based on feedback we received from players who were hoping to have more opportunities to practice for the upcoming Qualifier Weekend. While there may be times when we won’t be able to make these kinds of adjustments, if we can, we will!
  • March 25–April 1: Out of the Shadows
  • March 25–28: Alchemy Metagame Challenge
  • April 1–8: Dominaria Premier Draft
  • April 8–15: Sealed Ravnica Mixer
  • April 15–28: Tinkerer’s Cube

March 2022 Ranked Season

The March 2022 Ranked Season begins February 28 at 12:05 p.m. PT (20:05 UTC) and ends on March 31 at 12 p.m. PT (20:00 UTC).

  • Bronze Reward: 1 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty pack
  • Silver Reward: 1 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty pack + 500 gold
  • Gold Reward: 2 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty packs + 1,000 gold + Hotshot Mechanic card style
  • Platinum Reward: 3 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty packs + 1,000 gold + Hotshot Mechanic card style + Mindlink Mech card style
  • Diamond Reward: 4 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty packs + 1,000 gold + Hotshot Mechanic card style + Mindlink Mech card style
  • Mythic Reward: 5 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty packs + 1,000 gold + Hotshot Mechanic card style + Mindlink Mech card style

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