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MTG Arena Zone Open Tournament Series

MTG Arena Zone Historic Open #1 Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

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The first MTG Arena Zone Open Tournament was held today, and the format was best-of-three Historic! A total of 106 players enrolled to compete in the post-Winota suspension metagame, for a chance to win cash prizes and a month of Premium membership. Be sure to watch this space as we plan to hold more tournaments and improve every day with better coverage and more prizes! In the meantime, you can check out what happened today below, from the full VOD as well as metagame data and the top performing decklists. As always, the excellent MTG Melee platform was used and you can click here to check out the full details.


Today’s tournament consisted of 7 rounds of Swiss, followed by a top 8 playoff. We want to thank sidetraK for production, all the competitors, viewers who tuned in and this week’s coverage team to make today’s event possible – be sure to give them a follow!


Today’s event naturally (being Historic and in a less competitive setting) saw a more variety in the deck archetypes with the biggest metagame share belonging to the old faithful Gruul Aggro at 10% closely followed by Mono Red Aggro at 9%. The other staple archetypes involving Field of the Dead and Nexus of Fate were also present in strong numbers, as well as Esper Control, Mono Blue Tempo and Rakdos Sacrifice that still uses Lurrus of the Dream-Den despite the recent nerf.


In Standard, Temur Reclamation took down both of the Player’s Tour tournaments in a dominating fashion, consisting of almost 30% to 40% of the field and both of the finals being mirror matches! We also saw a mirror match between the two Simic Nexus decks that also feature Wilderness Reclamation in the finals. Rakdos Lurrus Sacrifice showed a strong showing, chomping up other aggro archetypes in the process. We also saw Rakdos Goblins deck that feature the Goblin Deathwhirler and Call of the Death-Dweller combo rally to the semifinals!

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