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Mythic Championship III – Metagame and Decklists

All decklists have now been submitted for the upcoming Mythic Champsionship III. What decks did the players choose for this high stakes tournament?

This Friday, the first MTG Arena Mythic Championship will commence with a massive $750,000 prize pool invested into the tournament. There is a total of 68 players, consisting of 32 Magic Pro League and 36 challenger players. See the below table for the breakdown of the decks used:

A total of 26 players brought with them a variety of an Esper deck, which consists of almost 40 percent of the metagame! This is a stark difference to the qualifier event metagame where Mono Red Aggro was the most represented archetype (albeit a much smaller sample size).

Without further ado, click here to check out all 68 decklists.

  • Gruul decks adding both Growth-Chamber Guardian and Thorn Lieutenant for a more aggressive curve. Domri’s Ambush is also used as it can target planeswalkers.
  • Izzet Phoenix: Overall strategy of the deck is changing with the meta. It is now less about trying to go off quickly with Arclight Phoenix and racing your opponent. Wyatt Darby’s deck cuts Goblin Electromancer entirely and replaces them with Augur of Bolas and a full playset of Finale of Promise.
  • Esper decks are split between running Basilica Bell-Haunt or the Hero of Precinct One with Hostage Taker and Elite Guardmage.
  • New variant of the Grixis deck being played – Grixis Amass.
  • Overall, non-Esper decks are built to fight Esper decks.