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Mythic Championship Qualifier Event

Mythic Championship V Qualifier Weekend


Day 2: Top 16 Players and Results

The second and final day of the Mythic Championship V Qualifier Weekend has now concluded! The top 16 ranked players after 7 nerve-racking rounds of Magic will be rewarded with an invitation to Mythic Championship V in October.

Day 1: Top 128 Decklists

The first day has concluded with 128 players rising to the top, with results as good as 6 wins (and 2 losses) enough to progress to the second day of the event tomorrow. You can check out all the players and decklists below:



August 14th

  • 6AM AM PT (13:00 UTC): Eligible players will see the Mythic Championship Qualifier event in-game.
    • If you believe you have qualified and you do not see the event in-game, please contact support by Thursday, August 15th at 5PM PT (Midnight UTC). Failure to do so may prevent you from participating in the Qualifier!

August 17th

  • 6AM PT (13:00 UTC): Day 1 Begins
  • 8AM PT (15:00 UTC): Event entry is closed. Players must have joined the in-game event prior to the 8AM deadline to begin playing their matches.
  • 6PM PT (01:00 UTC on August 18th): Matchmaking queue is disabled. In-progress games will be allowed to finish.

Players who qualify for Day 2 will receive additional information and instructions via email after Day 1 was completed.

August 18th

  • 3AM PT (10:00 UTC): Deadline to submit required information for Day 2 participation.
  • 7AM PT (14:00 UTC): Check-in for Day 2 begins.
  • 7:55AM PT (14:55 UTC): Check-in for Day 2 closes.
  • 8AM PT (15:00 UTC): Matches for Day 2 begins



The top 1000 Mythic-ranked players in either Constructed or Limited during War of the Spark Season 1 (May 2019), Season 2 (June 2019) or Season 3 (July 2019) are eligible to compete. Eligible players would have a received an email earlier in the month confirming their eligibility and will see a notification in Magic: The Gathering Arena. Additionally, a Mythic Qualifier badge will be visible on their profile page leading up to the event.

If you do not remember receiving these notifications, and/or do not see the Mythic Qualifier badge on your profile you must contact Customer Supportimmediately to confirm your eligibility. Failure to do so may prevent you from participating in the event!


The format will be best-of-three Standard, including an optional 15 card sideboard, played in a special Magic: The Gathering Arena event queue. Participants will play until 10 wins or 2 losses, whichever comes first. Each player will have 30 minutes on their respective match clock that will count down whenever that player has priority. If a player uses all of their allotted time before the current game finishes, they will be given a match loss regardless of the current board state.


Once the game update is live on August 15th, eligible players will see a Mythic Championship Qualifier event in Magic: The Gathering Arena. This is the event you will join on Saturday, August 17th. If you do not see the event, you will need to contact customer support as soon as possible. To allow us time to investigate and correct any issues with your account, we ask that you contact customer support by 9AM PT (16:00 UTC) on Friday, August 16th otherwise you may be unable to participate.

Entering the Event

Starting at 6AM PT (13:00 UTC) on August 17th, eligible players will be able to join the Mythic Championship Qualifier event in Magic: The Gathering Arena. On the event page, you must hit “Start” to confirm your entry in the event. Players will have until 8AM PT (15:00 UTC) to complete this step. It is strongly encouraged you begin playing as soon as possible after the event starts to ensure you have enough time to play all of your matches.

Deck Submission

Once you have started the event, you will be given the option to submit your deck. Deck submissions are final. Once your deck is submitted, you will not be allowed to make any further changes including the sideboard.

Event End

Participants will play until 10 wins or 2 losses, whichever comes first. Players will have until 6PM PT (01:00 UTC on August 18th) to queue for matches, afterwards the matchmaking queue will be disabled. Any matches currently in progress as of 6PM will be allowed to complete, however players will not be able to join any new matches.


All participants in Day 1 will receive an event-exclusive card sleeve at the conclusion of their events. Players will receive 200 gems for every win they earn in Day 1. Details on the rewards for each win will be displayed in the Day 1 event in Magic: The Gathering Arena. Gems will be awarded once a player completes their event.


Day 2 of Mythic Championship V Qualifier Weekend will take place on the ESL Play platform.


The Top 128 players at the end of Day 1’s event will receive an invitation to compete in Day 2 of the Mythic Championship Qualifier Weekend. The Top 128 players are determined by:

  • Players who achieved the maximum number of allowed wins in the event
  • Players who achieved the most number of wins before receiving the maximum number of allowed losses will be invited to Day 2 until 128 players have been invited
  • Once a specific number of wins as detailed by the above invites players that exceed the 128 player cap for day 2, players will be invited based on the highest Mythic rank a player had at the end of the qualifying seasons for the Mythic Championship Qualifier Weekend
  • In the event two or more players have the same Mythic rank, a person’s second highest Mythic ranked will be used to break the tie, and so on until the tie is broken
  • Both Constructed and Limited Mythic rankings will be considered for the purposes of breaking ties
  • Mythic ranking looks at Mythic #1 through Mythic #1200, and then proceeds to look at a player’s non-numeric ranking which is ordered as Mythic, then Diamond, then Platinum, then Gold, then Silver, then Bronze, and then ‘Did Not Participate’
  • In the event a player is tied across all ranked seasons for breaking a tie, then the tie will be broken by the player with the fewest number of losses in Day 1, followed by the person who took their first loss latest in their completion of Day 1, and then the person who took their second loss latest in their completion of Day 1
  • In the event players are still tied, then the tie will be broken through random determination

All players in the Top 128 will receive an email from [email protected] after the completion of Day 1 with details on how to participate in Day 2, and will be given a deadline of Sunday, August 18 at 3 a.m. Pacific Time (10:00 UTC) to submit required information to participate in Day 2.

The event is scheduled to begin at 8AM PT (15:00 UTC).

Format and Decklists

The tournament format is seven rounds of modified Swiss. Players at 5-0 and 5-1 will be dropped and granted invitations to Mythic Championship V. Players who received three match losses are automatically eliminated from the tournament.

The gameplay format is best-of-three Standard constructed, including an optional 15-card sideboard. Matches will be conducted through Direct Challenge using Tournament Matches:

Format: Best-of-Three

Who Goes First: Coin Flip

Decklist: 60-Card Traditional Standard

Timers: Match Clock and Turn Timers

Players must use the same decklist for Day 2 as they used for Day 1. Decklists will be publicly posted prior to the start of Round 1. Players who change their decklist from Day 1 to Day 2 or who change their decklist in between rounds for Day 2 will be disqualified without prize.


All participants in Day 2 of Mythic Championship V Qualifier Weekend will receive 5 Mythic Points and 2,000 Gems.

Mythic Points will only be awarded to players who provide an active DCI number during registration for Day 2. Mythic Points awarded during this qualifier will be overridden by any Mythic Points earned at Mythic Championship V.

Additionally, players will receive additional prizes based on the number of wins they achieve in Day 2.

5 Wins12,000 Gems
4 Wins10,000 Gems
3 Wins8,000 Gems
2 Wins6,000 Gems
1 Win4,000 Gems

Gem awards will be granted 3-5 business days following the event once results have been verified.


For any questions regarding eligibility or participating in the event, or if you encounter any issues with your account leading up to the event, please contact customer support, subject line: “Mythic Championship Qualifier”.

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