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Mythic Championship VII Qualifier Weekend Decklists – Top 16 Players and Final Standings

crokeyz secured his spot in the second day using his Sultai Food deck.

The Mythic Championship VII Qualifier Weekend is now underway! The top 1200 Mythic ranked constructed and limited ladder players from the two Core Set 2020 Seasons during August and September compete against each other to qualify for the Mythic Championship VII tournament in December. You can find the official event information here.

This will be one of the first large event after the banning of Field of the Dead in Standard and the first look at the new competitive metagame. We have been following various players’ streams and Twitter to see their progress in this event. Check out what decks are progressing to the second day of the tournament below.

View Our Mythic Championship VII Qualifier Weekend Metagame Analysis here!
Find out what the top decks are of the tournament, in numbers.

Top 16 Players and Final Standings

Congratulations to the top 16 players of day 2 who earns the invite to Mythic Championship VII in December! 11 players qualified by getting their 5 wins, while the other 5 were decided on tiebreakers going 4-2. Meet our challengers for Mythic Championship VII! You can also see the final rankings below with all 102 player’s records.

Player NameDeckRankingDay 1 RecordDay 2 Record
dav3mSultai Food0110-05-0
SorquixeSimic Food0210-15-0
AntoninoRakdos Aristocrats038-25-0
JorjSultai Food0410-15-1
kiteonSultai Food059-25-1
PJ the CrusherSultai Food068-25-1
dftleonidasTemur Reclamation078-25-1
BaxtoxSultai Food087-25-1
WargateSimic Food097-25-1
Even_Jesus_WouldSimic Flash107-25-1
KavartechSultai Food117-25-1
zvavokSultai Food1210-04-2
edmvyrusAzorius Control1310-04-2
Heisenb3rgBant Ramp1410-14-2
IsaakKrutBant Ramp1510-14-2
DicroismoCircolareGolgari Adventures169-24-2

Quick stats:

  • 7 Sultai Food
  • 3 Simic Food
  • 2 Bant Ramp
  • 1 Rakdos Aristocrats
  • 1 Temur Reclamation
  • 1 Azorius Control
  • 1 Golgari Adventures

The Top Decks of Day 1

These were the top performing decks on the first day of the event – curated to show the different decks in the format.

All Top 102 Decklists

On the first day of the event, players need to achieve at least 7 wins before being knocked out at 2 losses. 102 players then advance to the second day. Players also must use the same deck they used for day 1.

A tip for accessing the decklists in the pages above – head to our Downloads section, grab the Chrome or Firefox browser extensions so you can import these decklists onto MTG Arena with ease. We will be posting the top 16 decklists on the site tomorrow as well.


This is the final standings of the tournament, including links to their decklists where applicable.

Player NameDeckRankingDay 1 RecordDay 2 Record
zvavokSultai Food1210-04-2
dav3mSultai Food0110-05-0
edmvyrusAzorius Control1310-04-2
ThommyGeeSultai Food4510-03-3
Smashyoface1990Golgari Adventures8910-00-3
DoomBlade87Simic Food8110-01-3
upumpa89Sultai Food6010-12-3
SageSultai Food9910-1
SorquixeSimic Food0210-15-0
IsaakKrutBant Ramp1510-14-2
ugin, the spirit dragonSimic Food9910-1
jorgmeesSimic Food4010-13-3
crokeyzSultai Food6610-12-3
Heisenb3rgBant Ramp1410-14-2
carloscutrimSimic Food8410-11-3
JorjSultai Food0410-15-1
Scysmith-Golgari Adventures549-22-3
DicroismoCircolareGolgari Adventures169-24-2
sneexSimic Flash639-22-3
kiteonSultai Food059-25-1
MaxMedeirosGolgari Adventures519-22-3
anmi_92Bant Ramp509-22-3
Predi-Selesnya Adventures419-23-3
FrubsquaredIzzet Tempo899-20-3
NiceGuyMTGBant Food979-20-3
isaiahGolgari Adventures879-20-3
shamimomoGolgari Adventures189-24-2
LevungaTemur Reclamation499-23-3
ulamog21Temur Reclamation489-23-3
CydoniaEsper Stax609-22-3
YamakiMardu Knights179-24-2
CiriJund Aristocrats748-21-3
XaronGolgari Adventures398-23-3
slpcstrGruul Aggro698-21-3
TM4CSultai Food358-23-3
JeovahGolgari Adventures958-20-3
WorekSultai Food808-21-3
PJ the CrusherSultai Food068-25-1
BerniMagicMasterGruul Aggro998-2
dftleonidasTemur Reclamation078-25-1
SearzistSultai Food748-21-3
Rosa1993Jeskai Fires458-23-3
mletschJund Aristocrats868-20-2
Kid BGrixis Fires238-24-2
RastafSultai Food478-23-3
_XuXa_Gruul Aggro748-21-3
mita_genexSultai Food718-21-3
theshunnedSultai Food198-24-2
anegasakigmSimic Food998-2
WanderingOnesSultai Food308-24-2
hanemanSimic Food218-24-2
KerberSultai Food718-21-3
DissolvedGirlSultai Food578-22-3
nalkpasSultai Food998-2
ShrekmateSimic Food418-23-3
AnthonyGruul Aggro748-21-3
KnighthawkTemur Reclamation258-24-2
LSVSultai Food918-20-3
FoleroSultai Food918-20-3
AntoninoRakdos Aristocrats038-25-0
BaxtoxSultai Food087-25-1
HmmSultai Food547-22-3
JuschuGolgari Adventures857-21-3
JaberwockiSultai Food677-22-3
13irdSimic Food287-24-2
DavidescherSimic Food747-21-3
MoucheBant Food517-22-3
HighFlySultai Food207-24-2
thinenagooyenSimic Food637-22-3
MarioFoereverDaiSimic Flash577-22-3
mvkBant Food417-23-3
KavartechSultai Food117-25-1
jhovallSultai Food997-2
MRshadowSultai Food317-24-2
Yawgmoth87Simic Food417-23-3
FrozzenFireSultai Food887-20-3
HunwariblockSimic Food997-2
JansaldoSimic Food827-21-3
PlaymobilSultai Food957-20-3
DarkBoneBant Food547-22-3
WargateSimic Food097-25-1
AiroNSultai Food637-22-3
MoMaTemur Superfriends577-22-3
HotaSultai Food607-22-3
Even_Jesus_WouldSimic Flash107-25-1
ShortShadowSimic Food327-24-2
MogwaiGrixis Fires347-23-3
nakataSultai Food997-2
caliGruul Aggro997-2
squestSimic Food247-24-2
MatamboSultai Food387-23-3
MioCidSultai Food717-21-3
CurlyCorkiSultai Food827-21-3
SevenSimic Food917-20-3
alessandro81Simic Food917-20-3
RobyAcqua98Gruul Aggro697-21-3
RemiFortierSimic Food227-24-2
PopoloSultai Food517-22-3
neosSimic Food267-24-2
marveliciousnesSimic Food377-23-3
rerereSultai Food687-21-2
zyuraruBant Food337-24-2

You can now check out our Mythic Championship VII Qualifier Weekend Metagame Analysis and we will be updating our Standard Metagame Tier List also, be sure to check back soon! Here is a quick overview:

  • The deck to beat this weekend was the Oko Food decks – you either join them, or try to find ways to defeat the deck. crokeyz did both with his Sultai Food build to a 10 win finish that has 4 maindeck Noxious Grasp, which shows just how warped the metagame is.
  • The focus is on Oko, and less decks are playing Teferi, Time Raveler. This meant that decks with instants can shine in such metagame, with Levunga (winner of Mythic Championship III) getting 9 wins with the Temur Reclamation combo deck. This also posed well for the Azorius Control deck by Miguel Simoes, who competed in the previous Mythic Championship.
  • The new build of Jund Aristocrats featuring the Brawl commander Korvold, Fae-Cursed King with the Cauldron Familiar and Witch's Oven engine is on the rise, as you can squeeze more value out of sacrificing your creatures.

There you have it! Day 2 of the event will see the top 16 players tomorrow qualify for the Mythic Championship VII in December. Remember, you can follow us on Twitter for the latest news and discuss the event in our Discord server.

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