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October Zendikar Rising League Weekend – MPL and Rivals League Decklists and Metagame

Tomorrow marks the kick-off of the 2020-2021 Magic Pro League season. This time it is organized into 3 splits, each consisting of several League Weekends and a League Championship. On October 24, Zendikar Rising Split begins with its first of the two planned League Weekends. On Saturday, Rivals League will commence the action, passing the baton to the Magic elite of Magic Pro League (MPL), who will play out their matches on Sunday.

Players earn points for their league standings by winning matches at League Weekends and high finishes in League Championships. MPL and Rivals compete fully within their leagues during the season. There’s a total of $400,000 at stake across MPL and Rivals. Also, at the end of the year, the worst-performed MPL players will be relegated to the Rivals League, and the best Rivals League players will be promoted in their place. There’s also an end-of-the-season Gauntlet planned, through which some additional promotions/relegations between MPL and Rivals League can be obtained. (Check out the full rules and schedule explained at


Archetype# of Decks (MPL)% of Field (MPL) # Decks (Rivals)% of Field (Rivals)
Dimir Rogues833.3%1634%
Azorius Blink625.0%1021.3%
Gruul Adventures416.7%36.4%
Temur Ramp213.8%24.3%
Abzan Doom Foretold00%24.3%
Selesnya Blink00%24.3%
Esper Yorion Doom14.2%00%
Rakdos Midrange14.2%36.4%
Dimir Control14.2%00
Jeskai Blink14.2%00
Jeskai Control00%24.3%

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MPL Decklists

Rivals League Decklists

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