FNM at Home: Momir

FNM at Home: Momir Event Disabled Due to Game Breaking Bugs

The weekly FNM at Home has been disabled after experiencing severe issues throughout the first several hours of the event. There has been no word from Wizards of the Coast regarding further compensation as of this time, as some players are left unable to claim their free Rare Individual Card Rewards from the first two wins. You may still be able to contact your local game store to receive the Arena FNM Promo Pack. Use the below links for more information about the event:

One of the major issues with the event was that players could force games into a “GreError” resulting in the match to end in a draw and crash that game by activating the Emblem then cancelling it. There has been reports that players were intentionally doing this when they were about to lose the game.

Another major gameplay issue was that the tokens generated by the Emblem were treated as actual cards and not tokens. This allowed players to return cards to their hands, interact with graveyards and so on, which is not how the format was intended to be played.

This issue comes after the October game update that went live yesterday, which focused primarily on bug fixes and gameplay improvements. The patch was already delayed by a week, and players are still experiencing numerous new issues that came up after the update. You can read more about them here:

As always, we encourage you to report all issues with the game through the official MTG Arena support channel.

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