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Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier Spain

Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier Spain Decklists and Metagame

268 players have registered for the Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier Spain, which will be our first look at the post-ban Standard metagame. After 8 rounds of Swiss, the top 16 players advanced to the second day of the tournament, with the winner receiving an invite to the grand finals later this year. The event was held on the MTG Melee platform, where you can also see the complete metagame and decklist information from. Be sure to also check out the Germany Qualifier going on at the same time for more decks and information!

Top 8


The table below contains the most represented archetypes of the 8-round Swiss tournament. Temur Reclamation has emerged as the most popular choice for the day, boasting a respectable 52.4% win-rate. Sacrifice decks – both Jund and Rakdos variants – have overperformed (60% and 63% respectively), while Cycling decks have fallen short of a 50% win-rate mark.

Name# of Decks% of FieldWin%Pre-SB Win%Post-SB Win%
Temur Reclamation4216.3424%52.381%14.8515%15.2318%
Mono-R Aggro259.7276%52.6596%24.5033%24.8889%
Boros Cycling228.5603%49.6988%25.7576%24%
Jund Sacrifice166.2257%60%16.5138%19.8758%
Temur Adventures155.8366%52.356%19.4805%24.5614%
Azorius Control (Yorion)155.8366%52.1739%20.6897%19.1667%
Bant Ramp135.0584%49.3506%12.6984%16.4835%
Selesnya Bogles72.7237%53.8462%23.2558%26.2295%
Rakdos Sacrifice72.7237%63.3028%28.2609%19.0476%
Simic Flash62.3346%45.7143%29.0323%23.0769%
Mono-G Aggro62.3346%52.6316%35.4839%26.6667%
Jeskai Cycling62.3346%40.8163%0%6.8966%
Mardu Knights41.5564%43.9024%11.7647%8.3333%
Temur Flash41.5564%43.75%47.3684%37.931%
Sultai Control41.5564%35.8491%9.5238%18.75%
Gruul Aggro41.5564%52.3077%15.3846%17.9487%
Dimir Flash41.5564%54.6875%0%0%
Esper Control (Yorion)31.1673%43.6364%0%0%
Azorius Control31.1673%33.3333%0%0%
Bant Yorion31.1673%48.3871%46.6667%50%
Esper Control31.1673%5.8824%12.5%0%
Bant Yorion31.1673%50%58.3333%18.1818%
Azorius Birds20.7782%38.4615%18.1818%26.6667%
Simic Mutate (Umori)20.7782%42.8571%5.8824%0%
Jund Sacrifice20.7782%61.5385%0%0%
Gruul Dinosaurs20.7782%46.875%0%0%
Mono-W Bogles20.7782%50%18.1818%13.3333%
Sultai Midrange20.7782%47.0588%0%0%
Gruul Midrange20.7782%50%0%0%
Gruul Adventures20.7782%48.6486%0%0%
Mardu Sacrifice20.7782%39.1304%30%30.7692%
Mardu Winota20.7782%42.3077%0%0%
Five-color Niv-Mizzet10.3891%36.3636%50%28.5714%
Izzet Flash10.3891%38.0952%11.1111%8.3333%
Mono-R Obosh10.3891%0%0%0%
Grixis Reanimator10.3891%25%0%0%
Abzan Midrange10.3891%0%0%0%
Boros Tokens10.3891%33.3333%0%55.5556%
Sultai Mutate10.3891%33.3333%20%42.8571%
Jeskai Tokens10.3891%18.1818%0%0%
Boros Aggro10.3891%11.1111%0%0%
Orzhov Lurrus10.3891%38.8889%12.5%10%
Jeskai Control10.3891%61.9048%37.5%76.9231%
Sultai Flash10.3891%58.3333%0%0%
Dimir Aggro10.3891%66.6667%66.6667%66.6667%
Mono-U Flash10.3891%50%50%50%
Naya Feather10.3891%50%0%0%
Mardu Midrange10.3891%47.3684%25%63.6364%
Jeskai Lukka (Yorion)10.3891%58.8235%0%0%
Temur Elementals10.3891%46.1538%0%0%
Gruul Beasts10.3891%41.1765%12.5%11.1111%
Esper Hero10.3891%40%0%0%
Jund Midrange10.3891%40%0%0%
Sultai Ramp10.3891%63.6364%0%0%


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