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Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier Germany Decklists and Metagame

102 players have participated in the Germany qualifier of the Red Bull Untapped series, which consisted of 7 rounds of Swiss with a cut to the Top 8. In this article, you can find the 32 best-performed decklists of the day, in addition to the info about the tournament’s meta. (Source: MTGMelee)


Archetype# of decks% of the fieldWin rate
Four-color Omnath3332.3529%54.955%
Sultai Control1615.6863%56%
Mono-Red Aggro1110.7843%58.3333%
Dimir Rogues87.8431%51.5152%
Dimir Control54.902%31.8182%
Mono-G Aggro43.9216%46.1538%
Temur Adventures43.9216%53.8462%
Azorius Control43.9216%26.3158%
Gruul Adventures32.9412%22.2222%
Boros Cycling21.9608%42.8571%
Gruul Aggro21.9608%50%

Above are listed all the archetypes that have had at least two decks registered. Omnath Ramp represents almost a third of the meta, with Sultai Control and Mono-Red Aggro being the main heroes recruited to fight the super-villain. Looking at win-rates, and given that only three Omnath decks have made it to the Top 8, one can say it was a fruitful day for those heroes. It was Mono-Red Aggro that has spiked the most – 58% win rate and three decks put into play-offs is an impressive result.

Sultai Control have performed decently as well, showing up with 56% win rate today, but propelling only two decks into Top 8. Thoralf Severin has made it into the finals where he faced Ronald Muller’s Omnath Ramp. Four Agoninizing Remorse and 14 maindeck counterspells were not enough to stop the Omnath however, as Muller secured a 2-1 win in the final series. Note that the winner’s list runs a full playset of Confounding Conundrum in the 60 cards – definitely a sign of a very peculiar meta.


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