Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier Germany Decklists and Metagame

Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier Germany

166 players have registered for the Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier Germany, which will be our first look at the post-ban Standard metagame. After 8 rounds of Swiss, the top 8 players will advance to the second day of the tournament, with the winner receiving an invite to the grand finals later this year. The event was held on the MTG Melee platform, where you can also see the complete metagame and decklist information from. Be sure to also check out the the Spain Qualifier going on at the same time for more decks and information!

Top 8


The table below contains the most represented archetypes of the 8-round Swiss tournament. Temur Reclamation has dominated the field with an impressive 60.6% win-rate, Mono-Red Aggro has ended up as a close second with 57.2% overall win-rate. Boros Cycling (47.2), Bant Yorion (40.3) and Temur Adventures (35.5) have all stood out as big underperformers of the day.

Name# of Decks% of FieldWin%Pre-SB Win%Post-SB Win%
Temur Reclamation2717.1975%60.6469%18.543%18.6364%
Jund Sacrifice1912.1019%54.1502%37%30.719%
Mono-R Aggro127.6433%57.2254%21.7391%18.2692%
Boros Cycling95.7325%47.1698%9.3023%14.2857%
Azorius Control (Yorion)95.7325%51.8868%11.6279%14.2857%
Rakdos Sacrifice74.4586%50.9259%31.1111%25.3968%
Gruul Aggro63.8217%51.6129%2.7027%1.7857%
Bant Yorion63.8217%40.2778%27.5862%30.2326%
Temur Adventures53.1847%35.5556%21.0526%15.3846%
Bant Ramp53.1847%50%45%53.125%
Mardu Winota31.9108%42.8571%7.6923%13.6364%
Esper Control (Yorion)31.9108%48.7179%29.4118%27.2727%
Mardu Aristocrats31.9108%53.8462%0%0%
Dimir Flash21.2739%48.5714%6.6667%5%
Four-color Midrange21.2739%48.5714%0%0%
Golgari Aggro21.2739%32.1429%25%37.5%
Azorius Birds21.2739%46.1538%0%0%
Selesnya Bogles21.2739%40%11.1111%6.25%
Sultai Ramp21.2739%40%20%6.6667%
Temur Flash21.2739%42.1053%37.5%45.4545%
Mono-W Bogles21.2739%43.2432%0%0%
Jund Sacrifice21.2739%54.1667%0%0%
Mono-G Stompy21.2739%50%8.3333%25%
Simic Flash21.2739%50%9.0909%5.8824%
Mardu Knights21.2739%63.4146%25%36%
Gruul Midrange10.6369%50%0%0%
Simic Adventures10.6369%60%0%0%
Mardu Sacrifice10.6369%40%0%0%
Temur Elementals10.6369%61.1111%12.5%10%
Simic Ramp10.6369%28.5714%0%0%
Mono-W Adventures10.6369%27.7778%12.5%10%
Sultai Mutate10.6369%25%25%25%
Mono-U Flash10.6369%20%0%0%
Abzan Beasts10.6369%55.5556%0%0%
Abzan Food10.6369%54.5455%0%0%
Bant Yorion10.6369%50%50%50%
Golgari Adventures10.6369%50%0%0%
Grixis Midrange10.6369%44.4444%0%66.6667%
Simic Mutate (Umori)10.6369%43.75%14.2857%11.1111%
Colorless Reclamation10.6369%53.8462%60%50%
Azorius Control10.6369%75%0%0%
Mono-W Heliod10.6369%42.8571%0%0%
Abzan Midrange10.6369%42.1053%25%54.5455%
Mono-R Obosh10.6369%20%0%0%


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