The MTG Arena Zone YouTube Channel Special Giveaway!

Team Pennant Art by Anna Fehr
Team Pennant Art by Anna Fehr

Hello everyone! With the revitalization of MTG Arena Zone’s YouTube Channel, we’re doing a giveaway that up to 10 lucky winners from our amazing community can receive prizes! All you have to do to enter is click the link below and follow the prompts which will include providing your name, your email address so you can be contacted, and visiting the YouTube channel page! The giveaway will close a week from today so make sure to enter in time to win!


  • 10 winners will receive a free year of MTG Arena Zone Premium
  • 1 of the 10 winners will also receive a free 1 hour coaching session from yours truly!

Thanks for reading and best of luck!

The MTG Arena Zone YouTube Special Giveaway


Robert "DoggertQBones" Lee is the content manager of MTGAZone and a high ranked Arena player. He has one GP Top 8 and pioneered popular archetypes like UB 8 Shark, UB Yorion, and GW Company in Historic. Beyond Magic, his passions are writing and coaching! Join our community on Twitch and Discord.

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  1. fongstein says:

    Awesome match replays – makes me realize how many mistakes I’ve been making playing Jund Food!