Theros: Beyond Death Marketing Materials – Artwork, Logos and Product Shots

Theros: Beyond Death is the next Magic: The Gathering expansion announced to be released to MTG Arena on January 16, 2020. Here is an early look at the set with some official marketing materials from Wizards Play Network. Theros is a world new to MTG Arena, inspired by Greek mythology. Remember, you can check out all the latest information and news at our Theros: Beyond Death Set Guide section!


This is the full artwork for Elspeth, a planeswalker that entered the underworld of Theros after her sacrifice in the previous storyline. It will be her first appearance in MTG Arena and it is not known whether she will return as a planeswalker, but at least we know she is not gone!

Theros: Beyond Death Artwork


The logo was already revealed from the previous announcements.


Product Shots

The booster boxes depict the artwork of Elspeth from above.

What will the new set bring? We still have about three months to speculate. Will we get the return of the enchantment-matters and devotion mechanics that will be further supported by Throne of Eldraine cards?

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