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Generic Wizards of the Coast Image Patch Notes

A data only patch was released, which fixed an issue with the #FindYourChampion Trophy Pet reward (have you claimed yours yet?) as well as an update to the Theros Beyond Death draft bot (the Ranked Draft will be back next week).

Note: This was a data only deployment. Players will not need to update their client as a part of this maintenance.


  • Various updates and changes to the Theros Beyond Death bot priority.


  • Gitrog Monster is now playable in Traditional Historic (best-of-three) events and play queues.
  • The Championship Trophy should no longer disappear from player inventories after redeeming the #FindYourChampion code
    • Note: This is only a fix for players who have not yet redeemed their code. For players who previously redeemed the code and do not have the pet in their collection, we will be deploying a separate fix.


  • Players who previously redeemed the #FindYourChampion code for the Championship Trophy pet should now see the pet in their collection.

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