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MTG Arena Patch Notes

1.11.00 Patch Notes – Amonkhet Remastered Game Update

Check out the full detailed patch notes for the August 2020 Amonkhet Remastered update below. Be sure to check out our guides for further information on the major features of this update:

Unfortunately, there are no codes for free packs with this release but players have been granted the refreshed New Player Experience decks to their collection. Note the new and altered Arena Base Set cards in these decks – some of them are quite playable! They do not rotate but can only be used for best-of-one Standard.



  • Amonkhet Remastered is now available!
  • Renewal Season begins! Standard 2021 queues available until September 17!
  • Refreshed New Player Experience (NPE)


  • Amonkhet and Hour of Devestation return to MTG Arena in combined set Amonkhet Remastered
  • Amonkhet Remastered will be available for limited and Historic constructed play
  • Includes new cards and artwork previously unavailable
  • Full Card Gallery is available, here!


  • Updated logic around creatures that Must Attack so you can declare an Exerted attacker before declaring the creature with Must Attack.
  • We reworked the UX for declaring an attacker as exerting. Now, when you click on an eligible creature you can switch directly from attacking to exerting or undeclared, exerting to attacking or undeclared, and undeclared to attacking or exerting.
  • Cards with Aftermath now show only the face that can be cast in hand (or in the near hand castables, for the Aftermath side). In every other context they show the split card.


  • August 13 – August 21: Sealed
  • August 13 – September 17: Premier Draft

Head to the Event Calendar page for more upcoming events!



  • Available August 13 – September 17
  • Format consists of cards legal in Standard after rotation, from Throne of EldraineTheros Beyond DeathIkoria: Lair of Behemoths, and Core Set 2021.
  • The banned list is the Standard-banned cards still in these sets: Cauldron Familiar; Fires of Invention; Oko, Thief of Crowns; and Once Upon a Time.
  • Play and Ranked are both available with matchmaking equivalent to how each are normally used



  • Adjustments to matchmaking for the Brawl queue, specifically with how we weigh certain commanders.
  • Players should have more matches where they and their opponent are playing decks built with the same level of competitiveness.


  • Autotap will now prefer to leave up a diverse spread of mana, even when you don’t have anything you can currently do with it.
  • Autotap is now better at finding solutions that involve sacrificing a permanent. Be aware!
  • We now show autotap’s solution when mousing over the Activate Ability button for activated abilities with mana costs.
  • Legendary permanents never stack under any circumstance.
  • When a basic land gets all other land types added, instead of listing five mana abilities, it gets “T: Add one mana of any color.”
  • The Browser that allows you to select any combination of an amount of mana greater than 1 has been revisited and updated.
  • Mill VFX now play for self mill as a cost.
  • When allowing simultaneous triggers to auto-order, Sanctum of All now goes before any other Shrine.
  • All set mechanics now use a gold icon.
  • Sparky AI has been improved for blocking and attacking situations with multiple identical cards


  • Color Challenge content has been refreshed for 2021
  • The new Color Challenge and mono-colored NPE decks use cards from the Arena Base Set: A new set of non-rotating cards that can be used in Arena’s best-of-one standard formats
  • All players will receive the new base set cards in their collection and single-color decks
  • Updated challenges for the 5 color paths, using the new base set cards
  • Dual-color NPE decks have also been refreshed, which will also be added to players’ decks manager. Any cards needed for these decks that players have not collected yet will be granted.
  • Players that are currently part-way through the color challenge will receive the refresh for what they have already unlocked
  • Players that have finished the color challenge may still play the new content from the learn more page


  • Deck count added to the Deck page


  • We’ve removed the secondary confirmation when crafting non-Standard cards.
  • All non-Standard cards will still have the “Important Note” when crafting, but we will no longer be asking a secondary “Are you sure?” confirmation.


New Terms:

  • a: or art: or artist: Search by artist name
  • m: or mana: Search by mana cost
  • m:x (all “X” spells)
  • m:”G/W” (green/white hybrid cards)
  • m:GG (Cards with gg in the mana cost)
  • f: or flavor: Search by flavor text
  • loy: or loyalty: Search by Planeswalker loyalty

New Traits:

  • ?commander ?companion
    • Search for cards that can be used in specific slots
  • ?booster
    • Search for cards found in boosters
  • ?transform ?split ?adventure
    • Search for types of “double” cards
  • ?spell ?permanent
  • ?styled
    • Search for cards that can be styles


  • August 21 – August 27: Standard 2021 Artisan: Get your start in Standard 2021 with the just commons and uncommons!
  • August 29 – August 31: “Turbo” Draft (Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths): Draft with bots, but remember when you draft that all of your spells cost {5} less!
  • September 4 – September 17: Tinkerer’s Cube Draft: A new cube on MTG Arena!
  • September 5 – September 7: Historic Challenge: Win lots of Amonkhet Remastered packs when you prove your skill at Traditional Historic!


  • August 7 – August 21: Core Set 2021
  • August 21 – September 4: Throne of Eldraine


Follow social distancing guidelines, and stay connected with your local game store as you participate in FNM Home on MTG Arena!

  • August 14: No specific event: Whatever event you’d like on MTG Arena. We suggest Amonkhet Remastered or Standard 2021!
  • August 21: Mastermind: Play with a large provided deck. No lands, instead discard a card once/turn to make land tokens that tap for any color.
  • August 28: Standard 2021: Get a head start on post-rotation Standard with Standard 2021.
  • September 4: Historic Brawl: Bring your favorite deck with a commander – but in this event it’s not limited to Standard!
  • September 11: Historic: Check out the Mythic Invitational and play some Historic along with the pros!



  • Amonkhet Remastered packs are now available inside the store! Travel to the desert plane of Amonkhet and harness the power of gods and the eternal army.
  • In celebration of Amonkhet Remastered, the Basri Ket Avatar is now available inside the “Avatar” store section.


Full Art Land Bundles of Amonkhet.



  • Eldraine Borderless Planeswalkers
  • Theros Borderless Planeswalkers
  • Ikoira Borderless Planeswalkers
  • M21 Borderless Planeswalkers
  • Unstable Land Bundle


  • The transparent background on some browsers was falling short of the edge. This has been fixed.
  • Surveil SFX for Jumpstart packet now stops looping
  • Win checkmarks on the Jumpstart event now display correctly
  • Companions and Commanders were appearing facedown in the deck builder horizontal view

Source: AUG 13 – 1.11.00

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