Kutzil, Malamet Exemplar MtG Art from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan by Marie Magny

2023.31.0 Patch Notes – The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Update

Game Update Highlights

  • Lost Caverns of Ixalan has released! Descend deep underground with Quintorious and crew to unlock new mysteries of Ixalan. There are new packs and cosmetics in the store, new limited events, new packets in Jump-In, and lots more to discover!

Notable Bug Fixes

  • We’ve recently made stability improvements around Friend and Direct Challenges and will continue monitoring their performance.
    • Note: We have had difficulty accurately reproducing all of the Direct/Friend Challenge issues players are reporting, so we’re not sure how much of the issue this fixes. Investigation continues.
  • Sparky should not trail off and go “hmmmmm” for a long time anymore. Sparky has promised not to slack off like that going forward.


  • Tapping on an unowned Card Style in the Deck Builder will now bring up the purchase screen so players can more seamlessly understand how to acquire styles they may be interested in.
  • Direct Challenge games now support a sideboard of 15 cards for both Best of 1 and Best of 3 matches.
  • With the most recent update new players will be granted one of five Historic Brawl decks within the NPE. Alongside this, all players will be given the decklist for these five decks within the new Historic Brawl Example Decks within the Decks Folder. Just like the Starter Decks, these will not count towards your deck limit.
  • Added Alchemy Ranked as our method to onboarding new players to the wider world of competitive Magic.
  • Wildcard bundles in the store no longer have a purchase limit


  • If you control Millennium Calendar and any permanents you can tap, you get a stop at the beginning of your opponent’s end step to just tap that stuff. I kind of don’t love how much this slows things down, but also if I was playing Millennium Calendar, I’d probably want the chance. I dunno, tell me what you think.
  • Significantly improved performance with Tazi, Stalwart Survivor and over 100 tokens. I’m not clear why you don’t just win the game and be done in this scenario, but I know some people just like to see the numbers get big.
  • Sagas that do something weird now have reminder text matching their tabletop printings. Previously they used default reprint text, so they mentioned things like sacrificing on the last chapter when maybe they transformed or something instead.
  • We’re now offering a much more useful Revealed Cards browser you can use after your opponent Cascades (it’s the one we also use for Discover).
  • Outfitted Jouster is a Human now. That’s nice for them.
  • While most counter removal remains “that’s complicated, you figure it out” we’ve flagged removing counters that will make your opponent win the game as “a good thing.”


Now Available


Jurassic World Full Art Lands

  • $9.99 USD

© UCS LLC and Amblin

Jurassic World Sleeves

  • $9.99 USD

© UCS LLC and Amblin

LCI Sticker Bundle

  • 1,200 Gems
  • 6,000 Gold

Travel Poster Sleeves

  • 1,500 Gems
  • 7,500 Gold

Crashing Giants: Borderless Card Styles

  • 2,200 Gems
  • 11,000 Gold

Lost World: Borderless Cards Styles

  • 1,800 Gems
  • 9,000 Gold

Forgotten Perils: Borderless Card Styles

  • 1,800 Gems
  • 9,000 Gold

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug with Card Style purchases, where you’d sometimes be given a different Card Style than the one you purchased.
  • Fixed a bug where deeplinks weren’t correctly working on some NPE Quests.
  • Fixed an issue when playing where the “new” tag was applied to all cards in a player’s sideboard when playing any Traditional format.
  • Fixed a bug where card styles that you had in your collection would still show tooltips saying “Not Collected”
  • Fixed an issue where the Yargle Opt Card Style was not working correctly in our recent Favoriting Card Styles feature. Enjoy Opting with our Frog Spirit friend.
  • Some lands were showing the wrong frame colors when viewed anywhere except the battlefield. This is because of reasons, which have been addressed.
  • When using Advanced Filters, players will no longer run into a significant delay when selecting or deselecting “All Sets”.


  • Made the borderless style of Kellen, the Fae-Blooded easier to read.
  • Creatures that can’t be blocked except by 3 or more creatures were creating two can’t be blocked icons. Now just one. And it’s the gold one so you know it’s SPECIAL.
  • There was some weird behavior around presentation of Stun counters on phased out creatures, where it would look like there were fewer of them than there were. Phasing out stunned creatures is mean though, why did you do that?
  • Hitting QQ taps most mana source, but not if they cost life, or sacrifice something or similar. If ALL of your sources cost life or sacrifice something, it was still moving the undo queue forward, which could cause weird issues if you started undoing mana abilities. We’ve fixed this. UNRELATED: For some reason this bug mentions me saying that in Ireland chicken tenders are usually called Chicken Goujons, which I don’t understand, but IS true.
  • Split cards were showing incorrect costs when being cast from the graveyard via Underworld Breach.
    Cards with color indicators that get their color changed (maybe by Scuttlemutt?) now update the color indicator. Why are you using Scuttlemutt?
  • Some vehicles from NEO weren’t using the right spline when becoming creatures. Now they are.

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