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Alchemy: Kamigawa

Alchemy: Kamigawa – Card Previews, Release Date, and More

The live coverage of the ongoing Neon Dynasty Championship is also being used to reveal cards from the upcoming Alchemy: Kamigawa expansion. Let's check them out!

Alchemy: Kamigawa is the first expansion for MTG Arena’s exclusive rotating format, Alchemy, since the format launched with Alchemy: Innistrad back in December of 2021. The set is a companion to the February Standard set Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. The cards will be based on the themes and lore of Kamigawa and include characters and locations from the Japanese folklore-inspired plane. In this article, you’ll find all of the information we currently have available concerning Alchemy: Kamigawa, including all of the previews that have been revealed so far.

  • Alchemy: Kamigawa will be available on MTG Arena starting Thursday, March 17.
  • According to previous statements from Wizards of the Coast, the set will include 30 cards.
  • Just as with the previous Alchemy set, players can collect Alchemy: Kamigawa cards via Alchemy boosters (individually for 1,000 gold or fifteen for 3,000 gems) or craft them using Wildcards.
  • Alchemy boosters use a modified version of Duplicate Protection: It will prioritize new cards from the associated Alchemy set, and after you’ve collected all of them, you will instead receive cards of the same rarity from the adjacent Standard set.
  • New cards will be automatically introduced to live digital-only eternal formats, such as Historic and Historic Brawl.

Over the last weekend, Wizards of the Coast used their live coverage of the Neon Dynasty Championship, which was unique in that it was the first Set Championship to feature Alchemy play, to show off the first card previews for Alchemy: Kamigawa. Since then, more spoilers have been revealed by content creators on Twitter and other social media – we’ve collected all of the ones we’ve seen thus far in our gallery below.


Alchemy: Kamigawa will feature the digital mechanics that have been used in the previous digital only sets including conjure, seek, and perpetual.

In addition, one new mechanic will also be introduced to Arena’s live formats: Intensity. Cards with intensity will start with their intensity at a certain value, and the card’s text will include mechanics for perpetually increasing or decreasing its intensity as the game goes on. The example given by Wizards is the new card Bellowsbreath Ogre:

In addition, Wizards has decided to redesign the card Static Discharge, originally printed with Jumpstart: Historic Horizons, to make use of the new mechanic:

Static Discharge MTG Arena card


Experimental Pilot’s Spellbook

Boseiju Pathlighter’s Spellbook

Imperial Blademaster’s Spellbook

That’s all we have for now, but more spoilers will be coming as we lead up to the release of Alchemy: Kamigawa on Thursday, March 17 – stay tuned!

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