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My name is Jose Manuel Lopez. I've been playing Magic: the Gathering since 1999. I was previously a paper tournament grinder for several years, but shifted my competitive focus almost entirely to digital with the release of MTG Arena. I also am an avid Cube designer, and I'm relatively active within a niche Cube community which focuses on Spike-oriented Cube design. I've played every major format competitively at one point or another, and I play Commander semi-regularly, as well. I love Magic, it's my favorite game, and I play it and/or talk about it almost every single day. I often say that Magic is like pizza, since even "bad" Magic is still Magic, and that mantra pushes me to engage with the game and the overall Magic community regularly to both keep up with what's going on in Magic, and also try to share my passion for the game with others.

Dominaria Remastered coming January 2023

Dominaria Ajani Art by Justyna Dura

We are about to begin celebrating Magic: the Gathering’s 30th anniversary, and Wizards of the Coast seems poised to pull out all the stops to ensure it’s a memorable year for long-time Magic players. Wizards Presents is scheduled for Thursday,…

Magic Spellslingers Review

Magic Spellslingers

Introduction Publisher: Wizards of the Coast Developer: Pipeworks Studios, Seismic Games Release Date: August 10, 2022 Platform: iOS / Android / PC Genre: Collectible Card Game Magic Spellslingers had what could be called a relatively muted “official” launch. The game released without…

Alchemy Horizons 2023: Possible Candidates

Lord of the Rings Gandalf

Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate released in early July, and has been able to noticeably make an impact on both Alchemy and Historic formats. With a mix of reprints from paper sets and several new digital-only designs, it expanded the power…