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Priceless Treasures (Are They Returning in Dominaria United)

Priceless Treasures (Are They Returning in Dominaria United?)

Dominaria United is just around the corner on September 9, 2022 and it’s no secret that there’s already been some amount of information that’s been uncovered from product listings. Each booster contains at least one legendary creature, and there will be some kind of Box Topper with every box (see all the products on the Wizards Play Network).

While that’s all well and good and worthy of excitement, what’s really gotten the internet buzzing over the last few days has been rumors that so-called “Priceless Treasures” will be returning this year with either Dominaria United and/or The Brothers’ War.

For those who weren’t playing back in 2009 when the original Zendikar expansion released, “Priceless Treasures” (sometimes called “Hidden Treasures”) were old cards inserted randomly into boosters of Zendikar. They were not reprints, they were old cards physically collected by Wizards of the Coast and then inserted into the new boosters.

The cards ranged from Reserve List value hits to random playable cards from original sets. You could’ve pulled things ranging from Black Lotus or Library of Alexandria to “lesser hits” like Lightning Bolt or Sol Ring. The cards weren’t legal in Limited or in Standard, but they were a neat way to acquire some highly sought after cards for Legacy, Vintage, and Commander. I remember at my prerelease someone had pulled a Sinkhole and caused quite a buzz in the venue. It was cool and exciting!

The rumor now seems to be that Wizards intends to redo this gimmick with a set later this year in a Standard set, albeit supposedly limiting their Treasures to cards from Revised and Legends. While this eliminates some previous hits, like the Power Nine and Library of Alexandria, it does mean, if true, that we could see things like dual lands, Wheel of Fortune, Mana Drain, and Demonic Tutor in boosters. Again, these wouldn’t be reprints, so they wouldn’t be breaking the Reserve List.

Also, while the last time they did this you couldn’t use those cards in Limited, there’s nothing saying that will be the case this time. After all, since then we had something somewhat similar in Masterpieces, and you could run those in your Draft and Sealed decks. How sweet would it be to have an actual dual land or a Mana Drain in your Sealed pool during Prerelease Weekend?

This Thursday, on July 21st, we will be getting our first sneak peak at Dominaria United via the Weekly MTG stream show. While there’s no guarantee, it’s possible we’ll get information on the Box Toppers for Dominaria United and the rumored Priceless Treasures there. If this ends up being true, it’s a strong way to get players excited for a Magic set. Keep your eyes on MTGAZone for future updates on Hidden Treasures and all other things Magic!

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