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Jukai Naturalist Art by Anna Steinbauer

Standard 2023 Selesnya Enchantments Deck Guide – Rotation Proof Decks

Need something new to play, but don't want to spend Wildcards on a deck that won't be legal in a few months? Well DoggertQBones says you have nothing to worry about! He's back with another rotation proof deck as he goes over Selesnya Enchantments and why it's so good at stomping creature decks!

Hello everyone!

Once again I’m coming back with a deck that you can use now, or after the Standard rotation in September! If you’re unfamiliar with this series, I’ve already done this twice before which you can check out below!

With a full Standard rotation coming soon on September 1, 2022 (MTG Arena release date) with Dominaria United, understanding what’s going to be viable at the start of the format is going to be invaluable in navigating a brand new format. To that end, I’m going to be scouring the available decks in Standard, see what decks are likely to be strong even without the new set, and better yet, you can build and play them right now for a strong deck that won’t lose any new cards!

To accomplish this, the best way is to find strategies that are relatively contained within a set, have powerful synergies, and are strong enough to likely hold up to the test of time. To that end, if we’re going to talk decks, we may as well hit the best of the best going into the new format. As one of the best Best of One Standard decks currently while being almost exclusively a block deck, Selesnya Enchantments is a great deck to craft for this meta and the next!

Let’s take a look at the deck.

2023 Selesnya Enchantments
by DoggertQBones
Buy on TCGplayer $97.19
best of 1
0 mythic
17 rare
20 uncommon
23 common
Sorceries (4)
Lands (21)
60 Cards

This is such an awesome choice as this is almost the exact list I’ve been recommending for Best of One play right now, just sans Branchloft Pathway as those will be rotating! Let’s break down what makes this deck so powerful.

What really sets this deck apart from others is the sheer amount of payoffs it has. Most synergy decks generally have to choose between a lot of enablers and a few payoffs or vice versa, but here, they tend to be one in the same!

To start off our curve, Generous Visitor is a modest 1/1 that can quickly grow out of control. With each enchantment giving you a +1/+1 counter to any creature you control, it’s very easy to snowball out of control when this is on board.

Moving up to our two mana payoffs, we have 3 excellent ones to work with.

Kami of Transience, similarly to Generous Visitor, gets a +1/+1 counter for each enchantment you play, but if it’s in the graveyard and a enchantment you control dies, you get it back to your hand at the end of your turn for free! This can make keeping this card down a nightmare as it’ll constantly threaten coming back which will further increase your value!

Weaver of Harmony, on the other hand, gives you value in a completely different way! Not only is it a lord for enchantment creatures, for a single Green mana, you can double up on triggers that come from enchantments! Whether you use that for removal or card advantage, either way it’s going to be a very strong turn.

Up next is Michiko's Reign of Truth which is absolutely killer whenever it comes down. Generally giving a creature of yours enormous buffs for a turn or two, it then comes back as a big creature itself! All for two mana! If you manage to put these triggers on a lifelinker, your opponent can kiss any chance they had at racing you goodbye.

For the final payoff, we have Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr as the top end. Like the back side of Michiko's Reign of Truth, Katilda’s stats are determined by the number of Enchantments (and Spirits, which Generous Visitor and Kami of Transience both are) you have on board. However, not only will this likely be a large body, it has flying, lifelink, and a powerful disturb side for even more value if it dies! This card is a nightmare for aggressive decks as it’s like a 3 mana Baneslayer Angel most of the time!

So these payoffs are obviously excellent, but what is a payoff without a set up? As I said, a lot of the payoffs do also help set up as they can also be Enchantments, but we have a few cards that help get the wheels turning.

While not the most impressive on the surface, Spirited Companion is a great tool to gain some traction. Providing an enchantment that works with all your payoffs and a draw to replace itself, it’s no surprise this happy pup found it’s way into the deck list.

Need more value from your enchantments? How about them being a mana cheaper? Jukai Naturalist is another set up mechanism that feels like a payoff when you get to cast spells after it. Reducing most of your deck’s cost by 1 is already great, but providing a lifelink body that’s really good to grow with Generous Visitor or Michiko's Reign of Truth makes this card that much scarier!

The consistency doesn’t even end there though! Commune with Spirits is another great tool to help smooth out our draws. Whether we need an extra land to play out our hand or you’re looking for more gas, Commune can hit nearly every card in the deck making this an obscenely powerful card selection spell.

Finally we reach the interaction in our list. Here, we have a very reasonable 8 pieces of removal. Circle of Confinement is great at taking out smaller creatures, and for Best of One, that’s going to be the crux of what you’re facing anyway.

Touch the Spirit Realm can take out any creature or artifact, but it also has the bonus of the channel ability! While we only play one creature with an ETB ability, using the channel ability to dodge removal, trigger cards like Generous Visitor or Kami of Transience, or both should not be underestimated, especially when it’s tacked onto an already playable card!

Overall, this deck is a synergistic masterpiece that can be brutally quick and hard to disrupt. If you like having a really strong game against creature decks, this is a great option for you.

Tips and Tricks

Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr Art by Manuel Castañón
Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr Art by Manuel Castañón
  • Remember that Generous Visitor can put a +1/+1 counter on any creature, not just itself! Use this to spread around counters, or if you want to feel smart, add some Valorous Stance into the deck and grow the opponent’s creatures into range!
  • Kami of Transience will trigger at each end step so you can attack and/or block aggressively if you’re looking to get it back.
  • Weaver of Harmony copies both activated and triggered abilities so you can get two cards from Spirited Companion, two Michiko's Reign of Truth buffs, or even exile two creatures with your removal!
  • Keep in mind that cards exiled from the channel ability on Touch the Spirit Realm will come back at the end step, not immediately. You can use this to protect your creatures from board wipes or to clear out a blocker for a turn.
  • Try not to trade your creatures in the early game if you can help it. The more you can get on board, the better each existing and subsequent card becomes!

Thank you for reading!

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