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Dominaria Ajani Art by Justyna Dura

Dominaria Remastered coming January 2023

We are about to begin celebrating Magic: the Gathering’s 30th anniversary, and Wizards of the Coast seems poised to pull out all the stops to ensure it’s a memorable year for long-time Magic players. Wizards Presents is scheduled for Thursday, August 18th, and will give us a schedule of what to expect for the coming year, product-wise.

Seemingly, Amazon has jumped the gun and listed a new product ahead of time. Dominaria Remastered is seemingly coming January 13th, 2023! The domains and (and their other top-level domains) were known to be registered by Wizards of the Coast all the way back in 2021 as players speculated on what it could be.

Magic: The Gathering DMR Dominaria Remastered Draft Booster Box

Magic: The Gathering DMR Dominaria Remastered Collector Booster Box

Time Spiral Remastered, the first paper Remastered set, launched in 2021, and offered a Masters-style experience, but limited to only pulling from a single block: Time Spiral. We had seen Remastered sets digitally before, with Tempest Remastered on MTGO and both Amonkhet Remastered and Kaladesh Remastered on MTG Arena. Unlike those four, this one could be radically different in structure. Dominaria was a single set, not a block, so a remaster of one set sounds a little pointless. Thus, we can Occam’s Razor this to expect this to likely pull from all sets and cards previously taking place on the plane of Dominaria. We’re talking classic blocks like Ice Age, Invasion, and more! This lines up a bit with something designer Gavin Verhey had said a few months back, about a desire to make an “Invasion Remastered”, but the lack of exciting reprints made that prospect difficult.

Pre-order pricing has this currently sitting at about $192 for a draft booster box, putting it in line with something like Modern Horizons in terms of pricing, as opposed to a current Masters set. Also unlike a Masters set, a booster box seems to contain 36 draft boosters. Dominaria Remastered booster boxes are priced at $291, seemingly matching, more or less, the pricing of Masters collector boosters, though again, with Standard collector booster count, 12 collector boosters per box. Obviously, as with all pre-order pricing, it’s very probable that prices change as we get more details and as the product hits the market.

Will Dominaria Remastered be coming to MTGO and MTG Arena? Hopefully we’ll get some details on this product next week, during the Wizards Presents. Maybe we’ll even get a sneak preview at some cards from this product then. Check back on MTG Arena Zone for more details on this set and everything else announced at the Wizards Presents on August 18th!

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