The Arena Open

Best-of-One (BO1) Standard Decks for The Arena Open from Pros, Streamers and Mythic Players

In just a few days (May 30, to be precise), The Arena Open tournament will be live on MTG Arena, promising cash prizes of up to $2000 USD to the top players. The first day of the tournament will be best-of-one (BO1) Standard, with players who manage to achieve 7 wins before 3 losses will advance to the second day. This is a rare case where a high stakes event is making use of the game mode, as most Magic: The Gathering tournaments are best-of-three. The first Mythic Invitational last year (won by Andrea Mengucci) experimented with this, but has not been repeated since.

Ever since the announcement was made, competitive players who have been playing primarily BO3 matches have been testing the waters in the BO1 metagame. As many might know already, BO1 is by far the most played game mode in MTG Arena as it allows for quicker games. This will be a great opportunity to see some of the great minds of the game create some fine tuned decks for BO1, as until now they have been far and few between!

Below you will find a growing list of BO1 Standard decks from pros, streamers and Mythic players. This page will be updated until the tournament starts on May 30, which then after we will publish all the known successful decklists from day 1 in a separate article. We also collected some BO1 resources for you below, as the format is quite different to BO3 in many ways.


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