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Big Rakdos Purphoros by Delmo – Can it Break the Metagame?


Big Red is always a popular strategy that Magic players try and make work in every format. It is a deck archetype that uses higher costing red spells to control and win the game, which is not really Red’s strong suite. Red is more known for its much more aggressive strategies, but there has been a more midrange version floating around by Aaron Barich, which you can check out in our most recent Mono Red Aggro Deck Guide.

Sometimes, the stars align and the deck can work quite well! Today Delmo shared his version of the Big Red deck – or Big Rakdos due to some light splash in Black – which he took to a 11-3 score during his stream, peaking at #281 Mythic. He is also known for taking his versions of Gruul Aggro and Gruul Adventures to high Mythic early in the previous Theros Beyond Death Standard season. Be sure to check out his Twitch channel!

Big Rakdos Purphoros by Delmo – #281 Mythic – February 2020 Season

The main reason we are showcasing this deck today is because we have been craving different competitive Standard decks that can go toe to toe with the currently “dominating” Azorius Control and Temur Reclamation. Some quick notes about the deck:

If you decide to try out the deck, enjoy – and let us know how you go!

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3 Responses

  1. Russell Kyle says:

    Will be watching that channel, hopefully he filmed some matches with this deck

  2. Frank Caruso says:

    This is not Big Rakdos, just a slightly modified Fires of Invention deck with some new Theros cards.

  3. Tommy says:

    Played this deck a little bit, found some major weaknesses. If you play Purphoros and use his ability to say get 2 huge creatures out to swing. All the opponent needs to do is bounce the Purphoros, all creatures lose haste so they cant attack, then they get sacrificed on end step. Good game from one bounce spell.