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1.05.00 Patch Notes

As forecast in February’s State of the Game, today’s update is now live! Check out the full patch notes below and for any ongoing known issues please check out the MTG Arena Statuspage.

There’s a lot of small fixes and quality of life changes here, with a lot of in-game events coming up and the Nyx Basic Lands are finally available for purchase in the store!


  • Magic World Championship XXVI Showcase
  • Festival of the Gods
  • Theros Beyond Death Nyx Basic Lands and Showcase Card Styles
  • New Events: Workshop Series



  • Cards that self-sacrifice to do a thing you probably want to do (like Dauntless Bodyguard or Evolving Wilds) now use a Food style soft confirm. Just click the card, then click Activate Ability.
  • The hanger for defenders who are allowed to attack as if they didn’t have defender now has the correct icon (a crossed out defender icon).
  • We’ve refactored how we handle cards that allow you to pay mana as if it was any color, and as a result have tweaked how we display modified costs:
    • If a card’s cost has been modified, we show the modified cost in hand.
    • If the card MAY be cast for a different cost, we show the regular casting cost (modified or not) in hand, but highlight the card to show that it is castable.
  • We’ve added a toggle to the examine view you get when right clicking a card.
    • If checked, it will display the card as printed, with base power, toughness, abilities, loyalty, and so forth.
  • Autotap is now smarter about using stacked dual lands to fulfill different colors of mana.
  • In direct and in friend challenge, players can choose 40 card limited decks to battle each other.
    • Options are Tournament Mode, Best of 3, or Best of 1.
  • Players can now save their limited pool (from draft and sealed) to their deck collection.
  • Triggered abilities that relate to, but do not originate with, permanents (e.g. Tolsmir’s wolves) now unstack those creatures, allowing players to target them individually.


  • Thassa's Oracle now displays a message similar to Scry, showing how many cards were placed on top and bottom.
  • Cards named in Medomai's Prophecy now show up when you mouse over them. Alt-tab no more!
  • Permanents attached to other permanents now highlight correctly when they’re being destroyed, even if they are in a stack.
  • Having Dryad of the Ilysian Grove in play then using Nissa to animate a non-basic forest no longer removes the ability to activate non-mana abilities.
  • Ashiok's Erasure no longer prevents players from casting cards, even if they weren’t actually exiled (i.e. they were a Commander and instead went back to the Command zone)
  • Medomai’s Prophecy now shows a hanger with the named card after step II.
  • Destroying Entrancing Lyre while its ability is on the stack no longer results in the tapped creature staying tapped.
  • Using Nightmare Shepherd to return things that aren’t creatures (e.g. a Forest Nissa turned into a creature) was giving them the Nightmare subtype, but it shouldn’t have. No more Nightmare Forests.
  • Dreadful Apathy’s ability now works even on permanents that have stopped being creatures.



  • February 14 – February 28: Guilds of Ravnica
  • February 28 – March 13: Theros Beyond Death
  • March 13 – March 27: Ravnica Allegiance


Celebrate the Magic World Championship XXVI in this showcase event where you can play the same Standard decks the players will be playing. The showcase will be occurring during the Magic World Championship itself, and is available February 14-17.

  • Decklists will be available later this week. Keep an eye on!


Each event is associated with a god and awards showcase constellation styles for that god, the demigod of the same color, and another card style of the same color. Joining the event costs 2500 gold or 500 gems, and players can plays as many games as they would like until the event ends.

  • February 22 – February 25: Fires of Purphoros (Standard Artisan)
  • February 29 – March 3: Nylea’s Call of the Wild (Giant Monsters Emblem)
  • March 7 – March 10: Heliod’s Glory (Immortal Sun Emblem)
  • March 13 – March 17: Erebos’s Memoir of Death (Historic Brawl)
  • March 20 – March 23: Thassa’s Briny Bounty (Mirror Match with a Large Mono-Blue Singleton Deck)


Workshop is a new event series hosted by Feldon, an archeologist and mage from Dominaria who every week will be showing you what he’s been tinkering around with lately in his Workshop .

  • Each week he’ll have 2-3 decks that are provided for your use in the event.
  • These events have no entry needed to join, and the event offers a small reward for your first win.
  • They’ll be available Monday at 8am Pacific (1600 UTC, or 1500 UTC after March 8) through Wednesday at 8 am. PT (16:00 UTC/15:00 UTC after March 8).


The Guildhall returns with another commander option new to MTG Arena: The Gitrog Monster, originally from Shadows over Innistrad.



  • Starting with the February 19 event, Wednesday Brall will begin at 8am Pacific time (1600 UTC, or 1500 UTC after March 8 ) instead of at midnight.
  • This shift is to avoid being up along with the Workshop events.



Head to the store and check out the new Daily Deals tab! Find all sorts of cosmetic items at different discounts and some for gold prices! Offers refresh daily.



Drawn to Power Bundle

Contains Card Styles: Dream Trawler, Wavebreak Hippocamp, Glimpse of Freedom, Nadir Kraken
Costs: 1,600 Gems

Beyond the Grave Bundle

Contains Card Styles: Aphemia, the Cacophony, Gravebreaker Lamia, Mire Triton
Costs: 1,000 Gems

Nyx Land Bundles

Each bundle contains the unlock for the Nyx Basic Land and its Card Style; Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest!
Cost: 3,000 Gold per bundle

Secret Lair Drop Sleeves

All 7 of the Secret Lair Drop Sleeves are now available!
Cost: 4,000 Gold or 600 Gems


  • Kunoros is back for a short time by popular request.

Card Styles Now Available For Purchase (Through the Deckbuilder)


  • Kunoros Pet
  • Dragon Whelp Pet
  • Escapist Bundle
  • Epic Enchantment Bundle
  • Historic Anthology 1


  • Permanents attached to other permanents now highlight correctly when they’re being destroyed, even if they are in a stack.
  • The level 30 mastery pass reward now correctly lists a traditional draft token.
  • Sometimes lands weren’t stacking correctly. Now they are again!



  • Oathsworn Knight loses a counter per blocker. It should only lose a maximum of once per combatdamage assignment.
  • Trample damage may assign incorrectly if a blocking creature has an effect that prevents damage.
    • Workaround: Manually assign damage.
  • When activating Ashiok, Nightmare Muse’s -7 ability the browser doesn’t give the context when choosing which cards from exile to cast
    • Workaround: You can view battlefield for clarification, i.e. whether the card is currently exiled because of an opponent’s Deputy of Detention or because of your own Hostage Taker.
  • Casting a Callaphe, Beloved of the Sea while you control another Callaphe can incorrectly result in spells costing more than 1 additional mana.
  • Enemy of Enlightenment doesn’t appear to be a valid target for Triumphant Surge if you have two cards in hand.
    • Wokaround: This is a visual bug. When you cast Triumphant Surge you will THEN be able to target Enemy of Enlightenment; it doesn’t show up as a legal action while the card is still in hand.
  • Embodiment of Agonies will not show a count of the different mana costs among nonland cards in your graveyard if you attempt to cast it from somewhere other than your hand (i.e. if exiled through Vivien, Champion of the Wild’s -2 ability).
  • Nightmare Shepherd’s triggered ability may not display the last known information if you hover the trigger while it is on the stack.


  • The “Daily Deals” tab may be temporarily inaccessible as the day rolls over.
    • This issue should resolve itself within 30 seconds.
  • Players who purchase the Mastery Pass at Level 90+ will be missing Theros Mastery Orb.
  • Card styles that are currently on sale as part of a Daily Deal cannot be purchased through the Deckbuilder.
    • Workaround: Players can navigate to the Daily Deals tab on the store to purchase the card style.
  • Card styles currently available as a Daily Deal do not have their sale prices reflected when viewing them in the Deckbuilder.
    • Developer Note: You also cannot purchase a card style this way (see above). While you cannot see the sale price, you will also not be inadvertently charged more.
  • Card styles currently available for purchase with gold as part of a Daily Deal do not have their gold prices displayed in the Deckbuilder.


  • Dragging a card into your deck during sideboarding disables the option to view deck details
    • Workaround: Clicking a card to add it to your mainboard does not cause this bug
  • Players receive an incorrect error message when trying to add more than 250 cards to their sideboard during limited events.
    • Developer Note: . . . okay, for context, you will only feasibly encounter this if someone is being cheesy with their sideboard during a Direct Challenge Limited Match.
  • When selecting a deck for the Direct Challenge Limited matches, the mouseover tooltip incorrectly references Historic.
  • Tokens created by Planeswalkers using the stained glass cardstyle are missing their token art ( -sigh- . . . again)
  • New accounts will see the banned card announcement after completing the tutorial.
  • Rank icons are displayed while completing the new player tutorial.
  • The escape badge is always highlighted while the card is in your graveyard.
    • This badge should only be highlighted if the card is in your graveyard and you can cast it by its escape cost.
  • The visual effects of planewalkers may display the incorrect color identity.
  • Adventures that have their cost modified will not display the cost modified reminder hanger.
  • Mousing over a card that generates a token outside of matches (e.g. while viewing your collection) does not display an example of the token the card creates.
    • Important Note: This only happens outside of matches. Players can still mouse over cards during games to see tokens a card generates.
  • Players who earn vault progress during a draft may see an empty scene at the end of the draft (you receive a message that tells you vault progress has been earned, but the visuals are missing).
  • Play rewards (quests, daily wins, mastery level, etc.) may incorrectly persist onto event pages.
    • Workaround: Players can navigate away from the event page and back to it to correct this visual issue.
  • The “Add to Decks” button on Draft/Sealed events is still visible when you are at the maximum number of decks and will not add the decklist to your decks.
    • Developer Note: As a general reminder, the maximum number of decks is 75.
  • The “Add to Deck” button incorrectly references importing the deck from your clipboard.
  • Sparky may incorrectly say that you’ve unlocked a new card if you lose during your second match as part of the new player experience.
  • Some areas of the deck editor may become improperly dimmed.
  • Some overlays cannot be dismissed by clicking above the overlay.

Source: FEB 11 – 1.05.00 Game Update

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