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Cassius Marsh Sr. and Other High-Profile Players get 30th Anniversary Edition Preview

Magic: The Gathering has sent influencers the first batch of 30th Anniversary Edition booster packs and Power Nine cards.

Magic: The Gathering players won’t have to wait much longer to get a sneak peek at Wizards of the Coast’s controversial premium product, the 30th Anniversary Edition. The game’s publisher has evidently sent gift boxes showcasing the special booster set out to Magic influencers and celebrity players, including American football player Cassius Marsh, Sr.

The 30th Anniversary Edition is priced at $999 per display and comes with four booster packs. The product will go on sale on November 28, 2022 and will be available on Booster packs will contain modern frame reprints of cards from Magic‘s first set, Alpha, as well as much rarer old-border editions. Notably, the cards in this set will not be tournament legal and will feature a card back distinct from the game’s classic “Deckmaster” design.

You can read more about this much-discussed promotion and our analysis on it here.

Cassius Marsh, Sr. looks to have received two units of the product compliments of Wizards of the Coast. He also received a old-frame reprint of Timetwister, letting him show off what is likely the set’s biggest selling point: that you can open a non-tournament piece of the Power Nine that nonetheless looks great in the original Magic border. In his Tweet’s replies, Marsh said he would open the booster packs the following day.

Meanwhile, another influencer received the same gift box, but this time with a gorgeous Mox Jet. Notably, many of the comments under both Marsh’s Tweet and the above Reddit post express frustration at Wizards of the Coast for sending the game’s most expensive booster product to people who could already afford to purchase it. On the other hand, getting the 30th Anniversary Edition into the hands of people with large followings is an effective way to get eyes on the cards and entice people into busting out their wallets when they go on sale soon.

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