Innistrad: Crimson Vow – Day 2 Standard Decks from Across the Web

Syncopate Art by Marta Nael
Syncopate Art by Marta Nael

It’s day two of the new Standard format following the release of Innistrad: Crimson Vow, and the storm of deck brewing continues across the internet. We’ve been spending a lot of time checking out new decks, and we’ve collected as many of them as we can from players and content creators across social media.

Yesterday, we compiled a list of all of the brews from day one, along with a rundown on some of the most popular archetypes including Vampires, Mono Colored Aggro decks, and more. In today’s article, we’ll talk about a couple different archetypes that have cropped up and then jump right into the decklists; you can jump straight to the decks by clicking here. You’ll find all of the decklists and analysis from day one below:

In addition, we’ve got tons of other content focused on Innistrad: Crimson Vow. Check out some of the latest below:


Crimson Vow has brought along a few cards that have caught the attention of reanimator players – an archetype which hasn’t been seen much at all in Standard in the last few years. Most important of these is Diregraf Rebirth, a five-mana Reanimate that costs less for each creature that’s died in a turn and benefits from having flashback stapled directly on. It pairs nicely with Return Upon the Tide, another five-mana reanimate spell that was released in Kaldheim.

Second is Olivia, Crimson Bride, a card that’s not always showing up in these decks and but some serious snowball potential while also being a reanimation target itself. On top of Olivia, there are a handful of other nice new reanimation targets as well. Hullbreaker Horror and Cultivator Colossus are both showing up in reanimator, along with Old Gnawbone, a card that first debuted in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms but has yet to see much play.

Simic Ramp and Lands Decks

Speaking of Hullbreaker Horror, the new seven-drop has been finding its way into a number of different archetypes, especially Simic Ramp. We saw a handful of players posting updated versions of Ramp in a post-Crimson Vow world. Horror is definitely the most significant new addition to the archetype, but there are some other new cards making it into land decks as well.

Consuming Tide is an interesting new option for decks that were already running or considering running Cyclone Summoner. It doesn’t leave behind a massive 7/7 body necessarily, but otherwise fills roughly the same role at a much lower mana cost.

Mulch also helps to keep drawing into lands, something that plays quite well with cards like Wrenn and Seven and Cultivator Colossus. It’s also a consideration for the self-mill and reanimator decks discussed above.

Additionally, Crimson Vow has added a new quasi- Explosive Vegetation to Standard in the form of Cartographer's Survey. Some decks are trying it out, but it’s unclear whether a clunky four-mana ramp spell has much of a chance in Standard. After all, Eureka Moment has been in the format for quite some time and hasn’t done much.

Control and More

Once again, we’ve seen a fairly diverse list of new decks from today – something that hopefully bodes well for how the format will shape up. In addition to the other archetypes discussed above and in yesterday’s article, today has brought a string of new control decks ranging from Golgari Harness the Infinite to Esper to Izzet Wizards.

Things are really buzzing in the MTG community right now as Crimson Vow brings so many new tools to Standard and other formats as well. We’ve got lots more Crimson Vow content lined up for this weekend and beyond, so stay tuned and we’ll see you there!

The full list of today’s decks can be found below:


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