Fandom Legends Week 27 Throne of Eldraine Standard Decklists


Fandom Legends Week 27 has concluded with a bang yet again! This weekly tournament allows us to take a snapshot of the current Standard metagame. Make sure to check out our updated metagame page here.

The talk of the town is Golos and Field of the Dead, with players being able to do all sorts of things – for example, adding Fae of Wishes and Fires of Invention to make an amalgamation called Golos Fires! It looks like the deck to beat Golos, are other Golos decks or aggressive decks to go under it and kill them before they build up their mana base. After a tense finals match, Martin Juza took the winning prize with Mono Red Aggro.

In the top 4, we also saw the Mono Blue Mill deck which we wrote about yesterday (very strong against Golos decks) and Gruul Aggro piloted to an excellent record by Skybilz. Check out the decklists below to see where the players ended up at.


Player NameDecklistRankingRecord
Martin JuzaMono Red Aggro1st3-2
Brad NelsonGolos Fires2nd3-2
KanisterMono Blue MillTop 44-1
SkybilzGruul AggroTop 44-1
AshlizzlleGolgari AdventuresTop 84-1
Kanye BestBoros KnightsTop 83-2
AliEldrazi Golos FiresTop 83-2
Brian Braun-DuinGolos FiresTop 83-2
John RolfGolgari Adventures3-2
Dave SeaSelesnya Adventures2-3
Carlos RomaoBant Golos2-3
Tom LockeBant Golos2-3
AmazonianSimic Ramp1-4
Caleb DJund Aggro1-4
CallOfCthulhuMono Red Aggro1-4
Wyatt DarbyBant Golos 1-4

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Source: Fandom Legends October 10, 2019



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